Sunday, 27 February 2011

A little giveaway treat to launch my blog

I want to celebrate the launch of my blog, and why ever not?  I want to share the pleasure baking gives me with others and sharing my cakes gives me pleasure. (the fact that I need to practice my cake decorating skills for a very important wedding coming up and will have lots of cakes trials is another matter!)

Its quite commonplace when you follow food blogs to see the occasional giveaway or post with a prize or incentive attached, a lot of these are sponsored by companies, its simply a way of marketing products. My blog is not of that ilk but I want to mark its launch with a treat for my (new) readers, and you never know I might even get a new follower or two along the way?

As most of my followers are facebook 'friends' (or maybe friends of facebook friends, yes your friends/family can enter too if they want to!) and I know who you are, you all live relatively close to me, or I know you through my work;  I've come up with my own giveaway to launch my blog proper like!

So here's the launch giveaway...

12 fresh homemade scrummy cupcakes (made by yours truly who else?).
There will be a choice of cake flavours to choose from...
Red Velvet
With a frosting or icing to match...I'll discuss cake options and collection times etc with the winner.

If you win you will have the chance to share 12 gorgeous cupcakes with friends/family/colleagues, the dog or even keep them all to yourself!
How do I enter?
You can enter by leaving a comment after this post...just saying I love homemade cakes (you can say more about this blog if you choose to but its not compulsory).
(To comment; go to bottom of this post and put your cursor over 'comments' and click...
This will bring a white comment box to put a comment in.
At bottom of box 'comment as' brings drop down list...if all else fails choose 'anonymous').
If your post is anonymous just make sure I can identify you in some way.
See its really simple!

My Rules
1. This giveaway is only open to residents of the UK and you must be able to collect the cakes from me....(sorry folks, but these cakes won't travel well or stay baked fresh otherwise).
2. One entry per person, multiple entries will not be counted.
3. A winner will be chosen at random from the entries received after closing at 1pm next Sunday 6th March 2011 and announced on this blog on the same day.
(N.B. If you're names 'Wilf', you can't enter as you are on a pre holiday/wedding diet!)

The winner will be picked at random using a web based, random number, picking gadget, thingy majigg.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. Cakes please!!
    I love homemade cakes...particularly chocolate ones!
    Mr W

  2. Now Susan you know I love Homemade Cakes, and I know how delicious your Homemade Cakes are, so It would be a pleasure to win 12 of your scrummy cakes!


  3. I love Homemade cakes - scrummy! as you know the Brown household is on a healthy eating kick, so we'd share our 12 cupcakes with our friends -so they could have a little piece of heaven on a plate too! the flavours sound delish! and of course, as we are just around the corner .............
    Hel B xxxx

  4. As I have been poorly sick I need to build up my strength,your cakes would realy put me on the road
    to recovery,just thinking of all that goodness,makes me feel better,and by the way I would not share them,they'd be mine all mine,I will get two buses to collect them,any flavour will do they all sound heavenly.
    Evil Edna

    Sue, your cakes look absolutely delicious and I am more than happy to take them off your hands and give them a happy home in my tum tum.

    Much love,

  6. Very hungry Anne-Marie & coSaturday, 5 March 2011 at 14:10:00 GMT

    I love homemade cakes and my boys are licking their lips at the possibility of tasting a homemade cake before the end of September when my exams finish! They will even walk if necessary to collect them as they are drooling over the pictures! On a point of clarification, your mum doesn't just rely on Marks and Spencer she shows devotion and implores the help of her favourite archangel - Michael!!!


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Susan x