Friday, 18 March 2011

My little sisters birthday (cake)

Its my sisters birthday next week and I'm away on holiday, so I made her a cake for her birthday, first time I ever made her a cake like slight correction, first birthday cake I ever made her. I did make her some heart shaped cookies when she got married though...have improved on some of my skills a bit since then but they were very nice at the time.

If you ever speak to my sister she'll tell you she never had birthday cakes as a child...ever!

So while I'm away in sunnier climes please gaze and admire its loveliness (its a chocolate sponge with blackcurrant jam with casis and white chocolate butter cream filling) and also gaze at the loveliness of my little sister...

That is all (for now).

Happy Birthday Kathy for next week, hope you enjoy the cake, much love

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  1. What a lovely blog:)) and a lovely cake :)) enjoy Kathy, from Clare xxx


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