Friday, 22 April 2011

It's all about the love

I know what you're thinking, my thousands of followers...where's she been the last few weeks and why the beach pictures, where's the cakes?

Well dear friends, after 2 weeks of sheer unadulterated luxury at a joyous wedding on the Riviera Maya (Tulum, Mexico...see above tempting photos) and a week at home to get over the excesses, and another week at work, its back to reality and much baking had to be done recently for the English wedding reception of the newly betrothed Mr and Mrs Smith.

140 expected guests all needing muchas cupcakes and cookies; and on the orders of the bride 'its a party please make it colourful' so many hours of sweat and toil and a few more grey hairs later, cupcakes to make a cupcake tower with, a caramel cake (grooms favourite cake), brownies, cake pops and cookies were duly made. All these adorned a sweet table at the reception ladened with goodies containing mucho, grande sugar and yuminess.

When making cakes and the like for someone else, you have to follow the brief and for a wedding it has to be just so...AND what the bride and groom wants...always!

I'd like to say it was easy, it wasn't, it was time consuming and at times it was a huge effort (I work full time and do this as something I enjoy as a hobby, a stress buster, but requests such as this are more stressful rather than stress relieving, I can tell ya!). If I did this all day long that's another matter, and I'd be a lot better at it, but I don't and I've never been trained for this ever. So I just gave it my best and they were made with a lot of love for the bride and groom, and at the end of the day weddings are all about the it was well worth the effort.

Here's some photo's which haven't captured ALL the cakes in their splendor (my photographer was poorly and I'd run out of steam, time and patience and I had to get my false lashes on for the 'do'!!) but the pictures below give a glimpse.

The cookies first: tiered wedding cake designs or heart shaped sugar cookies (we call them biscuits up north) in various designs and individually wrapped.

Cupcakes in 3 flavours; chocolate; vanilla and lemon: these below were vanilla with a white chocolate buttercream.

These were lemon with a lemon soak to given them even more zing and topped with icing and handmade buttons, flowers and butterflies (not shown).

Cake pops, chocolate on the inside and out.

A Brownie basket, contains caramel Brownies; Oreo Brownies and fruit Brownies.

And a cake for the top of the (oval) cupcake stand, a lemon madeira cake with handmade fondant roses and the bride and grooms intitials.

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