Friday, 27 May 2011

Prepped! - book review

Prepped! is out today, this is the recipe book that I helped to test with my first ever guest blog post, so this book means something to me and other more renowned food bloggers who have tested the recipes over the last few months.

Its not every day ordinary people cooking at home get the chance to try out new recipes and feedback to the author directly...but we have, and I hope I speak for others when I say I have loved the opportunity!

This is a really lovely new recipe book, full of easy to follow, time saving and inspiring recipes from drinks and main course family meals to grown up suppers, biscuits, cakes and preserves. The recipes will tempt you and draw you in with new and interesting flavour combinations and gorgeous photography.

Each chapter of 'Prepped!' is not only seasonal but also based around a theme, like rhubarb, lemon, tomato, plum, chocolate etc. and many helpful tips and suggestions are given to make additional dishes from previous recipes. This is all with the notion of making wonderfully delicious food and saving time.

In the cardamom and rhubarb chapters the 'Victoria sponge cake with cardamom, rose cream and rhubarb' is the most scrummy tasting cake ever; this is one of those cakes that for me will become a family favourite for generations. I know I've made that cake several times, here it is.

If you ever click on this blog and wonder what the cake is at the top of the page this is the one!

While the '100 mile an hour rhubarb and cardamom batter cake' is unbelievably quick, easy and a sure fire winner for any (caught on the hop) cook looking for a delicious cake or dessert.

The recipe is on this blog...

'Prepped!' does not just deliver on wonderful cake recipes it covers a range of pasta and family supper dishes.

It would make a fabulous and inspirational gift for any food lover or short of time family cook, its been written by Vanessa Kimbell, someone who knows about food, loves good food, and has a passion for feeding her children. Her enthusiasm for food and life is laid out before you on each page.

Prepped! is different, its new, its easy on the eye, its a different approach to cooking for those who are short of time and want to eat something that tastes so much better.

Prepped! is available on line from Amazon , and can be bought from Waterstones.

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  1. That Victoria sponge sounds amazing and if only it had chocolate in it too (ha ha), I could see it as being my number one favourite as I do so like all of those flavours. I had a look at prepped when I was in a book shop last week. I was seriously tempted and thought there were some lovely ideas there. What fun to get to test the recipes out and be a part of the whole thing.


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