Friday, 5 August 2011

Kenzie Cakie

It was the little helpers birthday this week and she is 3 years old now, so I made her a character cake, a first for me and for her as I hadn't made her a birthday cake before. 

It was sandwiched with blackcurrant jam and vanilla butter cream AND decorated with a VERY scarey...eyed...don't look into the eeeeyyyeeeeeeeesss... Upsey Daisey character. See what I mean?

This character cake was just a simple Victoria sponge recipe inside and I always use the same recipe from Nigella Lawson (have tried others but always come back to this one) but I coloured the cake mixture, pink, lemon and grape to make a marble effect inside the cake on this occasion. 

Maybe I did that to detract from the eeeeyyyeeeeeeeesss?
Must confess it was a nightmare to make due to the heat and humidity this week, and the pictures were also awkward due to a lack of good light on the day, and then there were the eeeeyyyeeeeeeeesss (I told you not to look into the eyes!), but on the bright side it put a smile on a few faces (not  mine though I have to say!) and it tasted so good!

Made me think this week how do people cope in hot kitchens in such warm weather and 'proper' cake makers how do they do it...get the eyes right I mean?

Happy Birthday to you (but you might wanna step away from the cake!)
(I hope I haven't scared this child for life with this cake!! :-)) )


  1. I think Kenzie loved it :) I tried to steal it, but she didn't seem too happy about that :)

  2. this is stunning! such a lovely summery design and so artistic!


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