Monday, 29 August 2011

The Northern Dough Co - Your own Pizzeria at Home - recipe

Do you and your family love pizza? In this household its a firm favourite, and chief taster would (if allowed to, but he's not allowed!) eat pizza everyday of his life. We've eaten pizza everywhere we have traveled and chief taster will often identify holidays by "do you remember that pizza we had in...etc."

We often make our own 'everything from scratch' pizza at home (this includes making fresh bread dough for the bases too) but I have to admit its time consuming and can be laborious, and is only made more bearable by the help of a bread maker. But we make it (albeit very occasionally) because we love the taste of home made and we can make pizzas with our own toppings. AND its cheaper and much better value than take away or home delivery pizza.

Chief taster and student taster will often order home delivery pizzas from the usual high street chains (this often occurs when I am out, or away, they tend to do it in secret) but when I have seen these I am always amazed because of a) the cost of these things and b) whats actually on the top of them...which is...hardly anything at all IMHO...I have been known to count meager slices of pepperoni/mushrooms/fat ridden ham/pineapple and the like! The quality of whats on the top of these pizzas I think is very questionable too I'm thinking they look like the cheapest meat cuts ever).

Chris and Amy at Clitheroe
So enter stage right Amy and Chris, the lovely husband and wife team behind a new food provider called The Northern Dough Co. They make pizza dough from a family business based in Bacup. Its such an easy concept, you buy it frozen and store it in the freezer, when you want pizza take it out, leave it to prove (warm up and rise) then roll it out and top with your favourite toppings. See its very simple!

The dough comes in three flavours, original, chilli and rosemary and each pack contains 2 separate doughs in a box, and there is enough to make 2 medium (thin crust) pizzas.

So bearing in mind our love of the good stuff, we put The Northern Dough Co pizza dough to the test at home one evening...and here's the results of our efforts...and recipes to match...welcome to our very own pizzeria!

We really loved this product, and we liked the fact it was northern too; it was convenient, easy to use, hassle free and the pizzas we made at home were fresh, good and so very delicious. They were so much like the real thing (I'm thinking Italian restaurant real, NOT pizza that arrives on the step in a box)  it was unbelievable. You can get a decent size (feeds one greedy person)  pizza with a thin crispy base from one packet of dough, the dough proves wonderfully, you have to tease it and stretch it as you roll, just as you do with any fresh dough, but it cooks beautifully (as you can see!).
NB These views are mine and those of chief taster. I was not paid or asked by Amy and Chris to do this review I offered to do it, the dough was given to me to try at home. The chief taster wanted me to say he was very grateful for the opportunity to test it!


  1. We love pizza in our house too, although usually it's homemade. May have to check this product out sometime.

  2. Interesting product, I had seen it but I was rather skeptical about dough that comes in a packet. I'll have to find some and try it for myself.


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