Sunday, 28 August 2011

Random bakes of kindness - recipe

Vanessa Kimbell, is at it again, she's a closet crusader is the lovely Vanessa, always motivating her Twitter followers to do something or other, if its not recipe testing for her book, 'Prepped' or taking on a supermarket cafe for its poor meals for children, or dieting, or writing blogs and other articles/publications, (phew!) its feeding folk at random with baked goodies!

Her latest idea is to get us all sharing a bit of kindness with a bit of extra baking, and what better way to share the love...everyone loves home made baked goods. AND we all like to feel special, and we all love to receive a surprise teat don't we?

So here's my random act of baking kindness...I had surgery about 9 or is it 10(?) weeks ago now and when I went for my 6 week post op check up I took some of the people who looked after me so well in hospital a box of homemade (of course!) cookies/biscuits as a thank you. They did such a brilliant job of treating and caring for me and I was grateful for that.

Here they are, a mixture of brown sugar chocolate cookies and coconut, cranberry and walnut cookies...yum!

The recipe for the chocolate cookies came from the BBC Food website.

The other coconut, walnut and cranberry cookies are a version of the Tanya Ramsey ones I made on my blog.

What do you think of the idea of baking cakes or biscuits to share with others? 
Maybe you would like to do what I and lots of others are doing and bake something and share it with someone who you think deserves a treat?  
Why not do it and make someone's day a little bit special? 
You have until September the 8th to link up to Vanessa's blog with your random bake of kindness.


  1. What a lovely idea! And I am sure the cookies (which look amazingly tasty!) went down a storm too. Love it.

  2. Oh Oh .. they look utterly delicious !! Thank you so much for taking part .. it's a ripples of kindness across the blogasphere and this is just the most fabulous post !!!

    Just wonderful !


  3. I had spotted that on her website and was interested to do as well, biccy baking tomorrow, ready for delivery , not quite decided who yet to give them to !

  4. Thanks yes they loved them Chele.

    I'd be a happy recipient Linzi but not deserving enough...whoever gets them will be blown away I'm sure. x

  5. What a lovely gesture!

    Hope you are feeling well after your surgery.
    The cookies look wonderful.

  6. Thanks for you comments, I am getting there, not as fast as I would like but progress is good, even slow progress. x

  7. I just love this idea and what delicious looking cookies! I'll be posting my offering in the next couple of days...:-)

  8. Brilliant Nicola, will make someone's day I'm sure. x

  9. Lovely recipe and beautifully packaged - I'd be delighted to receive these. Hope to join in next time.

  10. I bet the hospital staff were delighted - so much nicer than a box of chocolates!


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