Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Happy Birthday 'We Should Cocoa' (Chocolate Guinness Cake) - recipe

This post is really to say happy first birthday to both Chele and Choclette on the occasion of their 'we should cocoa challenge' first much chocolate loveliness and jaw dropping wow in so many of those challenge inspired posts. A relatively new discovery for me but I really enjoy reading it every month.

Here's to the next year and to your continued baking success! I love challenges like this because it makes you think about what you are baking and gets food lovers to come up with new ideas, which in turn gives others (like me!) ideas for their baking.
     Happy Birthday and Cheers!

This is not an entry for the challenge, but our current family favourite cake is...Chocolate Guinness...named so because it contains both elements (no brainer, I know!). But the cake is sort of made to look like a pint of Guinness with a nice smooth creamy alabaster like head on it, this comes from a topping of cream cheese, cream and icing sugar added for sweetness, if you are true to the recipe. OR make a smooth vanilla butter cream and let your hand slip and heavily gently dust with cocoa like I did here.
It is a gorgeous rich heavenly cake...and its another one of Nigella's recipes (there are other recipes for this cake if you try Google and I have tried some of them but Nigella's is the best by far).
This cake has a lovely moist texture and an earthy flavour from the Guinness like no other cake you will try. It keeps really well in an airtight container. Its quite nice without a topping to. Just don't forget to line your tin and don't be too heavy handed with the slight dusting of cocoa on top OR YOU WILL RUIN THE LOOK.


  1. Well I think it looks stunning! I've never made this cake before but you've sold it really well!

  2. You clever person you - love that card. Thank you so much. Your chocolate Guinness cake looks really good - the best I've seen I reckon even with the extra helping of cocoa ;-)

  3. I love this cake - I made it a couple of years ago for a birthday and it still stands out as one of my favourites! Yours looks amazing!

  4. Great cake for a celebration (even with a little extra cocoa) - although I'll drink champagne rather than Guinness with it, if that's OK.

  5. I've made this recipe so often and it never fails. It is so lush and moist, my two sons always request it for birthday cakes.

  6. Repeat after me "There is never such a thing as 'too much' cocoa"
    Mighty fine looking cake to me, looks so moist and lush. And thanks so much for the card too, you clever clogs you ;0)

  7. Thanks for all your comments on cake and card too! (love a home made card) x

  8. I've made 4 of these in the last few weeks! A firm favourite with everyone. Love the card - so artistic!


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