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Home made and well preserved with Steenbergs Organics

Well-preserved adj.
1. kept in good condition. 2. continuing to appear youthful.

Jam n. 1. a preserve containing fruit, which has been boiled with sugar until the mixture sets. 
Chutney n. a pickle of Indian origin, made from fruit, vinegar, spices, sugar, etc.: mango chutney.
Pickle n. 1. (often pl.) vegetables, such as onions, etc:, preserved in vinegar, brine etc. 2. any food preserved in this way. 3. a liquid or marinade, such as spiced vinegar, for preserving vegetables, meat, fish, etc. 4. to preserve in a pickling liquid.
Piccalilli n. a pickle of mixed vegetables in a mustard sauce.
Marmalade n. a clear sweetened jelly in which pieces of fruit and fruit rind are suspended.
Curd n. a custard like mixture made from fruit juice, sugar, butter and egg yolks and used as a filling or spread (Definitions quoted from Well Preserved)
I'm a lover of anything 'home made & well preserved' and I am always looking out for new recipes to try. After saving lots of jars in readiness, I really need some new inspiration from fellow food storers, creative cooks and lovers of all things home made, so here is a 'home made and well preserved' jamboree (get it?).

I could go on about how well preserved I am but I won't, most of it is pure fantasy on my part! However, autumn is fast approaching (or is it here already, it feels like it is in the north west!) and at this time of year I always want to lay down home made jars full to the brim of some kind of goodness for the winter...see previous marmalade post below...My logic says we could get snowed in, or the road/railway could collapse and supplies wouldn't get through, or the local Co Op Waitrose could run out of food? (I jest BUT we have 2 such stores in our 'village' and both ran out of all supplies last year in the snow crisis). It could happen again, and if we ran out of homemade marmalade/jam/pickles/chutney/piccalilli/relish/curd/preserved lemons/fruits...well it doesn't bear thinking about...right?

The seasons tell us the time is right to get preserving because there are gluts everywhere...plums/tomatoes/apples/pears/sloes/veggies/and free hedgerow goodies..its time to preserve this season for next. So get any used jars washed/sterilised and get preserving and lets see what goodies we can share. You can make anything you like to join in as long as its preserved in a jar. You might want to share a recipe you have made before that is a particular favourite, an old familiar family recipe past down, or you might want to share a recipe for something you are preserving now to give as a gift in about 100 days time?

Pictured: some of the Steenbergs organic premium range
As an added incentive to join in with #homemadewellpreserved, Sophie at Steenbergs Organic has very kindly offered to give someone the chance to choose up to £25 worth of spices from their online range
Steenbergs are a family business priding themselves on quality, organic and fairtrade goods, the spices they sell are ethically sourced with great flavours; they are stylishly (and functionally) packed; and there for you to create delicious creations whether it be preserves or other goodies.
This lucky entrant will be picked at random, using a randomiser, as this is NOT about the best recipe or blog. 
But remember you have to blog your recipe entry first of all and use the logo and link back to this page.

You can join in by:
1. First chance to win; blog about whatever it is you are preserving (any form of taxidermy does not count, sorry)...along with the recipe, mention the 'home made & well preserved' theme. Post a link back to this blog using the logo below. (if you don't have a blog please e-mail me from my contacts page with recipe and pictures)
2. Tweet the link to your blog to me on Twitter (@TwitTottee) use the hashtag #homemadewellpreserved for the round up by midnight 16th October 2011.
3. Use an older recipe from your blog if you wish to, but ensure you link it back to this blog and use the logo.
4. For a second chance to win please tweet (RT) this post using the button below you will need to comment below this post along with your twitter ID telling me you have done so. 
5. For a third chance to win please follow me @TwitTottee on Twitter and comment below to tell me you have done so.
6. For a fourth chance to win please like my facebook page 'A little bit of heaven on a plate' and comment below to tell me you have done so.

Each Comment counts and you can have a maximum of 4 entries to win up to £25 worth of spices from Steenbergs Organic.
Picture courtesy of Steenbergs

Picture courtesy of Steenbergs
I'll do a round up of all entries four weeks from now, that's after Sunday October 16th 2011. 
Just in time to get making more goodies in time for you know when (Christmas!!!).
Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and good luck with all the entries.


  1. Hi Sue, spicy apple chutney http://lancashire-food.blogspot.com/2011/09/spiced-apple-chutney.html
    Love the idea :-)

  2. Here is Claire's recipe for courgette chutney http://goodeggfoodie.blogspot.com/2011/09/courgette-chutney.html
    Posted on Twitter on 25/09/11

  3. Hi Sue, apple and sloe vodka mincemeat http://lancashire-food.blogspot.com/2011/09/apple-and-sloe-vodka-mincemeat.html as promised.

  4. Hi Sue

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Tomato and Chilli Jam is on my blog HERE We've started to eat it now and it is divine. I'll be making more!

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  13. Here is Choclette's link to her recipe posted on Twitter on 09/10 http://choclogblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/apple-and-lemon-curd.html

  14. I have entered my homemade mincemeat and twitted it to you http://bit.ly/nHu9pM

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  16. Just posted my chutney recipe & linked back to you http://jessiescrazykitchen.blogspot.com/2011/10/spiced-festive-chutney.html

  17. Posted a round up of my first forays into preserving. Also tweeted, following nd liking on facebook.

  18. http://penelopespantry.blogspot.com/2011/10/preserves-round-up-home-made-and-well.html

    A round up of my preserving antics over the summer.

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    Tweeted just now using your hashtag above. Good luck judging. Some great entries above :-)


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