Monday, 24 October 2011

Banana and Cinnamon Pancakes - recipe

Here's my entry for #breakfastclub number 16, if you are not sure what this is take a look here. This month's theme is 'Stars and Stripes', meaning anything with an American twist, for breakfast of course! Breakfast pancakes are a taste of America for me and (as a treat for brunch) we love a short stack with bacon and maple syrup, you can of course make them with buttermilk, as they are traditionally made in the US, but this recipe works brilliantly, with what really are store cupboard basics.
Make your batter ahead of time for better results.
2 free range eggs
300ml milk
225g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
1 tbsp golden caster sugar
30g melted and cooled unsalted butter
2 Bananas thinly sliced
2 tsp Cinnamon
Butter to fry
To serve:
Maple syrup
Maple cured bacon
1. Melt the 30g of unsalted butter first of all and allow it to cool.
2. Place the eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, salt sugar, in a food processor and blitz to combine. Add the melted butter and give another quick whizz. If you don't have a food processor just beat everything in a large bowl either by hand or with a mixer.Slice the bananas and have the Cinnamon ready.
3. Heat a knob of butter in a non stick frying pan, use a moderate heat under the pan. Make the pancakes by using a ladle as a measure to get them roughly the same size, (about the size of a saucer) ladle the batter mixture into the pan. Add a few slices of banana and sprinkle with Cinnamon.  Once the pancakes bubble on top the underside is cooked and you need to flip them over to cook for a further 2 minutes.
4. Keep the pancakes stacked on a warm plate in the oven until ready to serve. Ration out a portion and drizzle with maple syrup and serve with a 'side order' of maple cured bacon.
On this occasion I made a mixed stack of plain and banana and Cinnamon pancakes (photos depict both).
This recipe works well with other fruits, blueberries are another firm favourite.


  1. Gotta be pancakes with an American theme! Love that these aren't the bog standard version though and have some flavour added to them. They look perfectly fluffy too.

  2. Ummm gorgeous! I've made pancakes for this too. Need to post them.

  3. oh my god these look good... I totally forgot to do this, I may have to make something yummy tomorrow morning!

  4. Sort of wished I'd tried pancakes with bacon and maple syrup before I became a vegetarian. It's such an American classic and sounds really interesting. Yours look delicious of course.

  5. This brings back so many, many memories of breakfast in America with huge patters of pancakes drowning in syrup! Yummm!

  6. Hello! They look amazing, I adore pancakes and yours are gorgeous. I must make them asap!


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