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Banoffee Victoria Sponge & the GBBO - recipe

You may have heard me mention before on this blog but my favourite cake ever, is a simple Victoria sponge, I just love that cake, and as long as its well made you can pretty much put any filling in it and it will taste like 'a little bit of heaven on a plate'. That's how this blog got its name from a conversation I had with a friend about a Victoria sponge I'd made and that was how I described it to her (she didn't disagree as she was wolfing down eating the cake at the time!).

Here is my twist on a Victoria sponge with a delicious Banoffee make this you will need, a baked Victoria sponge, in two halves of course, 500ml fresh double cream (you might not use it all but be generous with it), half tin of Dulce Leche, a small banana, one chocolate flake bar (or 2 flakes, but eat one as you go, it always works for me).

1. Make your Victoria sponge, there are thousands of variations around but using the 'weigh your eggs first then use this quantity for butter/sugar/flour method' works well as a combination. Make sure everything is at room temperature, like the butter and free range eggs. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the cake mix to give a lovely flavour and some milk to make it batter like.
2. Whip 500ml of double cream until peaky. Take one half of the sponge and smoother this is in a generous amount of the whipped cream.
3. Chop a small banana and mix this with half a tin of Dulce Leche (this is condensed milk that's been cooked and is quite good  for making all kinds of caramel flavoured goodies). Smooth the banoffee mix over the first cream layer. Take a flake bar and crumble this over the top. Then add a second layer of the whipped cream. It doesn't really matter how you layer the filling really, it will still taste good.
4. Put the other layer of sponge on the top and dust the top with with icing sugar. Cut and serve.

NB. This cake is best filled and eaten on the day its made, as slicing into any bananas can cause them to brown (even if they are coated in the Dulce Lette the middles will still go brown).
Not a problem really as its such a yummy cake. Perfect for the October heatwave we are having!
If you are new to baking, or if you feel you need more in the way of instruction, or you want to cut your baking teeth on a new recipe, then the second book from the Great British Bake Off programme on BBC 2  gives a very good step by step instruction, with photos of how to make the perfect Victoria sponge. Tesco Books kindly sent me my copy, a surprise to me as I had no idea they had an online bookstore.
Image from Tesco Books

The final of the Great British Bake Off is this Tuesday, but if you've been as gripped by all the wonderful bakers creations, stamina and imagination; not to mention Paul Hollywood's steely blue eyes and Mary Berry's wrinkles (sorry Mary!) as I have, you will know this. Sue and Mel as presenters have been just brilliant too, so funny.

I know who I want to win as crowned baker from the series, but have no real clue who actually will win as the three bakers in the final are all different and very good and skilled in slightly different ways. Its anyone's prize.

A number of the bakers from this series have their own blogs and you can follow those blogs that are MY particular favorites below here...they have some great recipes from the series and other equally ingenious creations on these blogs.
All are worth a look.

Mary-Anne Boermans
Urvahsi Roe
Yasmin Limbert
Joanne Whitley
Holly Bell

(shame Janet does not have a blog, I really liked Janet) Bring on series three/book three please!

Will you be watching on Tuesday night?
Would you want to enter a bake off like this on TV in front of millions of viewers?
Do you think your baking is good enough?
Have you ever entered a competition with your baking, maybe a local one?
Do you think Paul Hollywood's steely blue eyes are really gripping?


  1. What a brilliant invention- combining two of my favourite bakes! As for GBBO I keep changing my mind...Can all three win please?

  2. let's not mention entering the Great British Bake Off shall we?... I love your cake, it looks like the most incredible, sweet, delicious, light and fluffy cake... I want some now please...

  3. Oh wow ... not sure I have the ability to say much more as I lick the screen!!!

  4. Thanks guys, very kind!
    One of my own creations(for a change!) x

  5. Here you go again you temptress - such a lush looking cake. Ultimately I think I agree with you. Take a great cake, split it in half and fill it with yummy things - glad you got some chocolate in there though. As for GBBO, I thought it was obvious at the start, but the nearer we've been getting to the grand finale, the less obvious it's becoming!

  6. I think I'm going to go to bed tonight and dream about this cake!! I love banoffee and the idea of it as a victoria sponge is brilliant. Loving the GBBO, can't wait til the final on Tuesday, I thought I knew who would win but now I'm not so sure...:-)

  7. omg that looks so sinfully good. My sister especially, will possibly faint at this, she is nuts for anything banana. That;s a winning shot of all that toffee sauce dribbling out of the cake.

  8. Words cannot describe how delicious this cake looks. Heaven on a plate indeed!


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