Friday, 7 October 2011

Breakfast Club #16 - Stars and Stripes

What a pleasure to host the next  Breakfast Club #16 where the theme of this month is, as chosen by my goodself...


...which means anything with an American twist...from pancakes, smoothies, muffins and skillets to biscuits, grits and granola.  Its a huge country with a big love of all things breakfast, so there is lots to go at.


How do you join Breakfast Club?
Well it is easy and simple like making Breakfast!
Create something special which has the STARS AND STRIPES theme incorporated into it.
  • Mention Breakfast Club in your post and use the logo above.
  • Link to this post and the Breakfast Club page.
  • E-mail me at with a link to your post and a photo (no larger than 300 pixels, please!).
  • Send a previously posted recipe if you like, but please add the information above and republish.
  • Entries can be sent to other events, but please check their rules about submitting a post to multiple events.
  • If you tweet please tweet using #breakfastclub and copy in @fussfreeflavour so we can RT you.
  • If you do not have a blog, send a photo and details to me
  • Deadline for submissions is Monday 14th November 2011.
I will post the round up by 21st of November.

Note : Helen (@fussfreeflavour) is looking for hosts for future Breakfast Clubs so please email her at if you are interested.


  1. Yay yay yay those Yanks really know how to do breakfast. Can't wait to get stuck in!

  2. If I get time I will .. but I am up to my neck and rarely eat breakfast .. I know very naught of me !

  3. A brilliant theme :o) Looking forward to experimenting with some new recipes!

  4. I didn't think I could do it this month, but I am submitting a post tomorrow!

  5. All linked up now ma wee Lancashire one!

  6. hey lovely event.. Here I link up the quickest microwave cake (for all vegetarians) :)

  7. Its really nice space and great event. Kindly post the recipes, because i am new to muffins and different varieties of this.

  8. Hi, really hoping to be able to make time to do a post for this - my first blogging challenge! (I LOVE breakfast, and I'm married to an American, so...) ideas are bubbling away in my head....

  9. What a lovely event!! I have linked up my entry:-)

  10. Ooh I hope my linky is in on time! Thank you for hosting. Looking forward to the lovely round-up!

  11. Oh jings. Lost track of time. Thought I was 2 days early for posting on the 28th - turns out I'm 12 days late for the 14th - oops!

    Well mu post is up now anyway - Pumpkin Cheerios Muffins

    Thanks for an inspiring challenge!


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