Monday, 17 October 2011

Home Made and Well Preserved - The Round Up

Well what can I say? Natures table laid out before us from this country and further afield, yes they came all the way from Fance to enter this challenge.
The brief was to blog a homemade and well preserved (in a jar) recipe, link it up to this blog and away we go.
Here are the entries and a brief description and links back to the blogs. 
My thanks to everyone who preserved/jammed/blogged/tweeted and entered such wonderful recipes. 

Double thanks from me to Steenbergs Organics who offered one lucky person up to £25 worth of  organic spices for an entry into this challenge, that I have picked at random.
Steenbergs Organics products are the perfect choice for so many preserving recipes.
The lucky chosen one is revealed at the bottom of this post.
Here is the fabulous round up, making a lovely online recipe book of delicious preserves and dare I say some wonderful ideas for Christmas too!

What I would call a traditional chutney dark, spicey, tangy and very rich looking. 
Made from apples that have come from Linzi's own orchards garden.

That might look like a lot of chutney but how long will it last without being eaten, and how good does it look in all its golden glory? Made from courgettes Claire grew herself at home.

Apple and Sloe Vodka Mincemeat another tasty and unusual entry from Linzi at Lancashire Food
Just look at that and imagine all that loveliness in the centre of your mince pie on Boxing Day. The sloe vodka is homemade too, impressive!

A hotter relish that uses up a tomato glut and a chilli glut too. Love the deep red colour of this one and that you can see the chilli seeds flecked throughout the jam.

Karen who blogs over at Lavender and Lovage in France (and Yorkshire) entered 3 separate recipes all together, firstly Fresh fig and Ginger jam. Here in all its decadent sweetness, the colour of those figs is just amazing. Karen writes so eloquently about this jam you just have to read her blog.

Here is a second entry from Karen a glorious Quince Jelly. The Quinces are harvested from her own orchard in France. As Karen pointed out herself its like looking through a stained glass window...I loved the suggestion here of giving jars like these as gifts, but with a note suggesting how it could be used in a dish or a recipe.

Karen's third entry was a Crabapple and Mint Jelly
The flecks of the mint are so perfectly scattered throughout the jelly, like natures glitter. Karen has been so busy preserving all her harvests in France, I'm surprised she has time to sleep!

With a break in tradition from blogging mostly recipes with a chocolate theme Choclette (number 8 best blog in the UK, don't you know!) made Apple and Lemon Curd.
Made with Cornish apples and seen here basking in the Cornish sunshine.

Kate shared her Homemade Mincemeat recipe, particularly for mince pies. A lovely delicious rich citrus scented offering laced with rum and Cointreau too!
Kate;s blog is somewhat unusually called Turqouise Lemons and has the most wonderful photo of these fruits as the header.

Over at Jessies crazy kitchen
is the ideal preserved festive gift from Helen in the form of Spiced Festive Chutney
made from a marrow and in a jar decorated with a lot of festive starry love
(and a tussle with the superglue ;-)).
A lovely suggestion to gift this at Christmas with delicious cheese. 

Penn from Penelope's Pantry gathered all her preserving goodies together for one entry and she has made a total of 7 different jams/marmalades/jellies over the last months, and one of these is even a flavoured rum recipe. Here's one lovely example pictured of her strawberry jam.
Pop over the Penelopes Pantry to see and drool over the other 6 jars of gorgeousness!

Emma at Souperior has put together a scorcher of a relish with scotch bonnet chilli caramel (or jelly)
Made from the bounty of her home grown tomatoes and locally bought scotch bonnet chilli's, Emma admits to being very much a preserving addict once autumn hits. She has a total of 12 chilli plants (I have one chilli plant by the way!), that's a lot of heat for the winter.

Finally Urvashi (one of this years very lovely Great British Bake Off participants) at Botanical Baker made an apple marmalade.
This was the first time she had ever tried making preserves and I hope she goes on to make many more.

My own contribution was a previous blog post for my homemade pink grapefruit marmalade...I'm not a contender for this challenge as such (more's the pity as I'd love the prize) but just thought I'd get a mention in, as I love this Nigella recipe!

Adding up all the entries and the re-tweets, declared follows on facebook, twitter and the like there were a total of 35 entries.
Using a randomiser the lucky entrant picked was...
True Random Number Generator  26 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

CONGRATULATIONS to Helen at Jessies crazy kitchen !
I really hope your prize brings you lots more Steenbergs Organics inspired preserving joy. Enjoy!


NB: These views are mine alone. I was not paid or offered any other incentive by Steenbergs to do this giveaway. I offered to do it.


  1. oh wow! Thankyou! I can just forget the random generator part & now tell people that I have prize winning chutney!

  2. Well done everyone! What a great round up!

    Can we all now do a chutney audit?

  3. What a wonderful array of preserves. Great round up ;0)

  4. Great challenge, I enjoyed taking part.

  5. Congratulations to Jessies Crazy Kitchen and a big thanks from the French chicken to the Lancashire Hot Pot for hosting such a wonderful and inspirational event!! LOL! And, a big thanks to Steenbergs Organics as well......I LOVED this event, and I am VERY impressed with all of the amazing entries.

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments everyone.
    So many lovely things to make from this post and from everyone's fantastic and inspiring efforts. x

  7. Great round up Susan, some lovely things to drool over and think about making. Thanks for doing this and congratulations to Jessie.

  8. Oh wow, what a great selection of preserves. They all sound so tasty and some very interesting flavours.

    Well done to Jessies Crazy Kitchen (lovely decorated jars too)

    I shall head on over to the blogs for the recipes now (nom nom)

  9. Oh no - I meant to enter my lemon curd for this :) All the entries look fab - and I love the sound of the fig and ginger jam!


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