Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cake International NEC November 2011 (Pt 1)

One of the cakes dispalyed by Renshaws. (trade stand)

This post is all about some of the sights at the Cake International event at Birmingham NEC this weekend, my photography is not too great and this is due to the overhead lighting at the show. 
Cake International is an annual event aimed particularly at cake makers (of course!) and providers of all things cakie. Cake makers/fans, presenters, judges and stall holders come from all over the country and all over the world for this event. The show is a combination of trade stands where you can buy everything from cake pop sticks to oven cleaner and everything in between, all the way through to demonstrations and judged cake competitions; some cake decorating competitions happen live during the event each day.
Its a very very busy event and this year seemed busier than last year to me, it gets very hot and the standard of cakes  and sugarcraft entries in competitions really is overwhelming to see. 
You have to see these cakes for real to fully appreciate them.

This is only a snapshot of what this event has to offer.
Cake pops designs. (trade stand)

The following are competition entries and all parts of the cakes must be edible.
A treasure box and a cake for David Attenborough perhaps? (competition entries)


 Detail of a teapot cake with a flower fairy on the top. (competition entry)
 Unbelievably, this IS a cake and that is icing that forms each strand of hair. (competition entry)

 One of the many wedding cakes. (competition entry)

More wedding cakes, all manner of designs and styles. (competition entries)

 Love the sea? Getting married on a beach, perhaps one of these is for you? 
More wedding cakes. (competition entries)

 Thankfully some cakes seem far more 'doable' than others (From memory, I think this is the 'made by children' section!!).(competition entries)


Above is a live cupcake decorating competition. Competitors are judged on skills/organisation and cleanliness, they have 2 hrs to decorate 12 cupcakes.

The judges do a really difficult job. Most are from the British Sugarcraft Guild and are experts in the field that they judge, they may have been tutors or practitioners with years of experience. They also receive training to judge the criteria for the different entries.

More on this fabulous event tomorrow.


  1. Ohhh- wow! I'd have loved to have gone along to this- I now feel as though I've a good idea of what I sadly missed thanks to your brilliant photos. I can't decide which one is my favourite! And children made those ones in the middle?! Blimey!! It sounded a great day out. Thanks for a really enjoyable post!

  2. Wow. What an incredible display of cakes!! I'd feel so humble viewing these!!

  3. Oh my goodness, doesn't it make you feel inadequate? Does me. Would love to go and see the demos and do the shopping but it's a long way to B'ham. Your photos are great, thanks for sharing.

  4. O-M-G! I cannot believe those cakes.......I am not so sure about posting my wee creations tomorrow now, they look so amateurish! There are some STELLAR cakes there....that one that has whiskers is unbelievable! GREAT post thanks darlink!

  5. They are AMAZING

    Chistmas - bring it on! I feel all Christmasy now!


  6. Oh damn, I put my comment for the Christmas cakes on this post - lol, oh well ........

    These ones are fabulous too! I might just have cupcakes at my wedding


  7. So jealous!!

    Found out about this event too late!

    Will definitely be going this year.

    xx Kat xx


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