Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cake International NEC November 2011 - (Pt 2)

 Christmas cake (magazine stand display)

Its part two of my Cake International account, its part two as I have far too many photos to post in one go! These are the Christmas cakes (not all of them, only a small sample here) and if you scroll down you'll see some international entrants for one of the competitions and then finally the floral sugarcraft work.

As I said yesterday, my photgraphs are not brilliant due to the light and this is a snapshot of the event, it has to be seen to be believed, the hours of work, patience and dedication that go into some of these entries is pretty amazing.

This cake is a lovely idea for Christmas, especially if you are having a big family party or even a Christmas wedding.

A top cake and tiers of Christmas inspired cupcakes. This was not an entry for a competition but was on the same stand as the cake above.

A magazine, promoting cake decorating not a competition entry.

Here are some of the entries for the Christmas cake competitions.

 I'm not sure what the cake is above (rightish) with the blue layers, doves and baubles,
but I love the idea of it.

You can smell the sweet icing as you walk around. Some of these cakes must weigh a lot with all the tiers and decorations.

The judges scrutinising the entries, what a difficult job!

However amazing the cakes are, and they are out of this world, the sugarcrafting is mind blowing...all these flowers in these arrangements and displays (below) are made of sugar, its not really edible when its at this stage but you could eat it if desperate!
Every small petal, stamen, bud, leaf, smattering of pollen, all hand crafted,painted and brushed on in amazing detail and such an accurate representation of living flowers.

 The earthenware pots are NOT sugar, neither are the wires used for stems...the rest is!

That's it until the next Cake International in November 2012.


  1. Gobsmacked! The first one is the only one that I could even conceive of trying to make!

  2. Gobsmacked number two! SO which is your cake??! AMAZING cakes, just amazing!

  3. I could never make a cake of those standards! Ever! I love looking in awe at them though. x

  4. I am speechless. I cant believe its edible. The flowers look so real and I love all the xmas cakes especially the little snowmen. Really gutted I didn't get to go this year but really hope I make it next year.


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