Sunday, 20 November 2011

An Eggsistential Crisis - can you help?

Not a recipe or a review but a bit of info...and I hope as many people as possible will share this...

In case you don't know, we have rescued/adopted 2 lots of hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) in the last 18 months...9 hens in total; its one of the best things we ever did. We love having those hens, they are cheeky, intelligent, funny, mischievous and they reward us EVERY day with the best eggs. Anyone who has been lucky enough to have any of our eggs will testify they have never tasted eggs like them, and with such golden creamy yolks. The girls are happy, we are happy, its a win win situation. But before we had hens I always bought free range eggs and from a reliable source. I have encouraged others to do the same too, so I was pleased about the ban on battery caged hens (mind you there is still work to do on housed hens and the conditions...but that's another story).

Anyway, this came to me this week from our BHWT coordinator Adele...
As the impending ban on barren battery cages draws ever closer, we have access to a lot of battery hens from farmers who are looking to empty their barren cages before the ban comes in on January 1st. We want to take as many hens as we can and rehome as many as we can but we can't do it alone - we need help! Facebook and Twitter are excellent for reaching lots of people; could you tweet or post about our appeal for homes, blog about it or add it to your website? Maybe you have an intranet at work on which you could post, letting people know that BHWT are looking for rehomers to take in the last UK battery hens.

To make things even more difficult on the rehoming front, at this time of year, our bookings traditionally slow down although as mentioned above we do have access to lots of hens at the moment and I am hoping this appeal will also generate more homes for hens coming out of their cages soon.

Sophie, our new Wigan co-ordinator, (@OneLittleEgg on Twitter) has lots of space to fill her rehoming day on 3rd December and the farm she is accessing is closing down so she obviously wants to rehome as many hens as possible before this happens. I have a rehoming day on 26th November although this is almost full but if I can get enough bookings, I may be able to hold another before year end; otherwise likely early January.

Hens can cope well with colder weather provided certain precautions are taken (BHWT will provide this and other helpful info) although the hens we are currently taking out are mostly well feathered already.

So its simple...we all want to eat free range eggs...right...and we are in favour of giving hens a better life...right? Then its quite simple, we all have to do our bit and help find these girls new can you please share this with friends/colleagues/family etc, and if you can take some hens then please get in touch with BHWT? Although this plea is specifically for my region and beyond, the BHWT re home hens all over the country through a network of volunteers, if you can help by taking hens please contact them. Tel: 01769 580310 OR this link gives details of rehoming.
Thank you...
Edith, Vera, Pat and Irene on the day we brought them home (above) and below enjoying a better life, with Goldtop and Dizzie Lizzie (who we have had for 18 months now).


  1. What a GREAT post Susan ~ I am a hen mother to 3 hens, the Coronation Chicks, Rita, Mavis and Deirdre.....I LOVE your hens and if I was back in the UK I would grab some more like a shot!
    THREE eggs today for me......

  2. Your girls are gorgeous! And what great names too!

    Frances xx aka @HenMad

  3. I am not a hen mother but one of my nieces agists race horses and also keeps 10 chickens (completely free range) and so I am gifted the overflow of eggs for which I am very grateful. I used them to make fresh pasta last weekend and the taste is amazing. Well done for rescuing those poor hens.


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