Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Frosty the snowman cake - Baking Mad recipe

This is the snowman cake I made for December's Clandestine Cake Club event, the theme was 'secret santa' and this meant you could bring any cake you liked, without telling anyone what it was. I am not at all fond of Christmas cake (or Christmas pudding, either for that matter) so as well as hoping that my fellow cake clubbers do not make 10 Christmas cakes (they didn't I'm pleased to say!!) I am always looking out for suitable Christmas cake alternatives; well any good cake recipes really and with little ones visiting at Christmas its good to have something that has a good visual impact.
I think I should mention now that last year I made a gingerbread house (I swore never to make one again...) I thought it was really hard to make, getting everything to align properly,
'grand designs' had nothing on that house!

Most of the recipe books I had did not really hit the spot with a Christmassy non fruit type of cake, but thankfully I found this 'snowman celebration cake' recipe in the cakes section on the Baking Mad website. The recipe is easy peasy as its just two sandwich cakes as the base, not much skill is needed in making those really and the decoration is fairly simple.

All you do is smoother the two cakes with buttercream, (I did two layers and allowed each layer to set in the fridge) sprinkle the second buttercream layer with coconut (I added cake glitter too), and then make a few additions out of sugar paste to bring it to life. You could use sweets for the buttons/eyes etc and things like liquorice for the mouth/scarf to make it easier. I used strawberry laces for the scarf and made coal like buttons and the mouth from black sugar paste. A carrot was made from orange sugar paste and a clove. I put my cake on a chopping board covered with foil and I added some of those little battery powered led lights around the cake (3 x £10 from M&S). It was quite effective.

This would be one of many great cake recipes to make and decorate with children at home over Christmas, I am sure they would love this, a little bit of effort can produce quite a good result.


  1. I love him. He's too cute! I agree re Christmas cake and pudding. I always make a luxury carrot cake instead!

  2. IT is simply FABULOUS Susan! And very nostalgic for me as I made a similar one for my daughter's 6th birthday many years ago ~ it was a huge hit too! I LOVE the lights around it!
    Made me smile! THANKS darlink!

  3. PS: The reason I made this cake for my daughter by the way, is her birthday is on the 13th December, so a festive birthday cake!
    STILL smiling! XX

  4. Lovely, that's put a smile on my face. You couldn't really have a more festive Christmas cake than this one - children in the household or no children. Love your use of glitter and the candy stick ears. I hope they were all impressed.

  5. Wow such an amazing cake! I'm not a fan of christmas cake either so this is a great idea. Love the decorations especially the lights - very nice touch :)

  6. I love your snowman cake, he has such a happy little face! I like his strawberry lace scarf too!

  7. what a lovely cake for visiting children at Christmas! beautifully decorated!

  8. Lovely, the carrot nose is a work of genius!


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