Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday lunch - dining out locally (in pictures)

Not so much a review or a recipe, or a lot of words, but a snapshot of our Sunday lunch, a rare event for us as we dined out this Sunday with my sister and brother in law at a local restaurant
This is the first time I have mentioned a restaurant on this blog, there is a reason for that, I'm very fussy and if I don't like it or cannot recommend it to others then it won't feature on this blog, that's my mantra. 
We had a really lovely lunch here, we were well looked after in such a lovely setting.

Above: the bar, complete with Sunday papers. 
Below the restaurant.

The food...was really delicious...fresh...cooked with care...presented well...we enjoyed everything!

Today's Sunday menu (other choices are available)...our choices came from this menu today.

NB. Suzanna's @ Little Scotland did not ask me to do a feature on my blog or offer me any incentive (monetary or otherwise) to show you what we had for Sunday lunch, in fact they will have no idea about this until they see it for themselves!


  1. Think they do breakfasts, as well as lunches in the week actually. So yes. x

  2. You're the second person to say this is good so I must check it out soon. Thanks!


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