Friday, 2 March 2012

'Posh' homemade fish finger sandwich - recipe

Sometimes the simplest of things make a lovely supper and this is one of them, what we call a 'posh fish finger sandwich', its a delicious fish dish that's full of goodness with the right ingredients...and by right I mean 'fresh'. Buy the freshest fish you can find to make this, and use a reliable source everything else you need for this recipe you'll probably have in your cupboards.

The fish fingers are coated in a beer batter and this is my all time favorite batter, its easy to make and its light, its great for making onion rings too!

Of course you don't have to make a sandwich with these homemade fish fingers, children love them dipped in ketchup and with fries, but please have a go at making these, homemade fish fingers are so much more tasty than the frozen orange coated sticks you reach for from the freezer.

1 skinned and boned fillet of cod or haddock (makes 2 large/deep sandwiches)
Sunflower or vegetable oil for frying
Homemade wholemeal loaf (not essential to be homemade but get a good fresh crusty loaf if you can)
Little gem lettuce hearts
Tartar sauce
capers (optional)
sea salt
Beer batter:
150g Plain flour
1 bottle Beer (I used larger which is ideal)
sea salt
1. Make the batter by putting the flour and a good pinch of sea salt in a bowl and add the beer, whisk as you add to incorporate it fully.
2. Prepare your fish for battering, my fish was supplied by post from Delish Fish in Peterhead in Scotland it was filleted skinned and de boned (ideal for children) so all I had to do was slice it into finger like strips. If its not an exact shape it does not matter too much.
3. Prepare your sandwich in readiness. Slice a homemade wholemeal loaf, put leaves of the lettuce over the first slice.
4. Using a large frying pan, fill with about an inch of oil and heat, but don't leave this unattended. Dip your fish fingers in the batter, remove any excess and then lower carefully into the oil. Fry for about 4 minutes on each side over a moderate heat.
5. Once these are cooked, remove and drain well on kitchen paper and season with sea salt. Place on top of the lettuce on the sandwich. Add ketchup and tartar sauce (and chopped capers if you like) and place a second slice of the bread on top.

Cut the sandwich into triangles (that's the posh bit!). Serve and devour and tell me you don't love homemade fish fingers!
N.B I have not given me any recompense or been asked to say nice things about Delish Fish but they were the suppliers of a fish hamper I won from the Fish is The Dish website after I submitted a recipe. Thank you!


  1. oh my god I am out of the door and on the motorway honey!!!... this goes straight to my heart-strings... I adore a good fish finger sandwich, this is beautiful... you are a genius genius cook... !

  2. I LOVE fish finger sandwiches and this is the gourmet version!

  3. That looks totally delicious. Please send some round.

  4. Oooh that looks gorrrrrgeous. We love a good fish finger sarnie in this house - nothing can quite beat a nice bit of fresh fish in a good crispy batter, a nice bit of mayo and a tin loaf. Thanks, your pics have made my mouth water!


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