Friday, 6 April 2012

Chocolate pizza - recipe

There are lots of variations around for this notion of a chocolate pizza, some include a real dough base, others chocolate variations but this is my take on it, which started with thinking about those crispy rice cereal chocolate cakes you make at Easter. Then my thoughts sort of moved on to what do you do when your children have too many chocolate Easter eggs and leftover sweets at Easter (yes this happens I have seen it happen in my own house and with my own eyes!).

This is not hard to make and I can't tell you how lovely it is to eat its a perfect way to spend an hour with children in the kitchen when they are looking for something to make or do in the Easter holidays. So here is how to make a chocolate pizza, the easy way in pictures (mostly!).


1. Try to get sweets like these below, if you want your chocolate pizza to look dead good authentic in its final appearance. I used the jelly strawberries to make round pepperoni jelly shapes (by cutting a round shape from the strawberry) and the surplus green jelly stem I cut up and made 'pretend' basil. Alternatively you can just make your pizza topping up of any sweets you have to hand...

2. You will also need...
some crispy cereals that go snap crackle and pop when you put the milk on them AND a big bar of chocolate (200g roughly) OR enough chocolate from leftover Easter eggs to coat your crispies.

3. Decide what size of cake tin you are using, (I USED A SPRING FORM TIN) then use this to estimate the crispies you need for the pizza base...

4. Melt the chocolate, 45 sec short bursts in the microwave will do but keep checking it. Put the crispies in bowl ready for the chocolate...

5. Get your tin ready. I used 2 sheets of cling wrap laying one across the other....

6. Back to the crispies, mix them up...

7. Prepare the base...

7. Now here is the part where you have to use your imagination a bit...once the base is ready and flattened in the bottom of the tin and still wet you need to start to add the topping.

8. Start with the red strawberry strip that is the 'pretend' tomato sauce, place this round the edge of the base and leave a space of crispies showing around the edge. You might have to make some snips with scissors in the tape to get it to curve round...

9. Next add a sprinkle of the grated white chocolate 'pretend' parmesan cheese across the middle and to cover the chocolate crispy base. Once the chocolate is on add the sweets in a random like fashion to look like the topping of a pizza. Start with the big items like the sweet fried eggs then add the smaller items like the black and green olives fruit gums in between...

10. Once all the sweets are on, finish off with another sprinkle of grated white chocolate and some green sprinkles fresh herbs. Put the pizza in the fridge to set for about an hour. When it is cold and set remove from the cake tin and remove the cling wrap carefully...

Now comes a very magical moment because your chocolate pizza is ready. For authenticity serve it on a plate with a pizza wheel to slice, on the side...or even better line a clean take-away pizza box with foil and put the chocolate pizza inside the pizza box. 

Cut yourself a slice, sit back and enjoy the milk and white chocolate flavours; this tastes really good, just like those little chocolate crispie cakes but much BETTER!

Your children big and small will love this and have fun making it too. I hope some of you have a go at making a chocolate pizza over the Easter holidays and if you do post a picture on my Facebook page...I'd love to see all your gorgeous finshed chocolate pizzas.

Have a great Easter everyone!


  1. This is such a good idea...I particularly like the fried eggs and mushrooms...a fine touch! :-)

    1. Thanks, mushrooms not available everywhere but easy to find in a more traditional sweet shop.

  2. This is awesome! I want to make this with my nephew!

    1. Hope you do, and please put a picture on my Facebook page, would love to see it. x

  3. Brilliant idea! It looks like a real pizza - I think my brain would be very confused when it's expecting a savoury hit but gets a sugar rush instead. Happy Easter :)

  4. Know what you mean by confused brain! Happy Easter to you too, have a lovely break.x

  5. Love the pizza! What a great idea I was looking forward to seeing this creation and it is brilliant. I agre with Rod though at a quick glance you would think it was a real one!

  6. That is really inspired Susan, I am mightily impressed. I will have to remember this for kiddies parties :)

  7. Great idea Jac hadn't thought of that. I had thought of making the crispy base in white chocolate though, for a change. :-))

  8. Wonderful pizza Susan - it's the most authentic chocolate pizza I've seen yet and I bet the kids really enjoyed it. I suspect not just the kids either ;-)

  9. Your recipe looks really gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us! I just can't wait to try it out!


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