Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Saucy Fish Co - review

Saucy Fish Co sent me two of their fish in sauce packages to try at home (we are Fish Fanatics here, and link up with Fish is the Dish and with other bloggers to trial and share fish recipes).

This product is not something I would normally buy to make at home, as my preference is to buy fish from a local fishmonger and then create a dish with it from scratch. Or I like to buy fish with the intention of making a particular pre-planned recipe. I'm not really a fan of supermarket fish sold in fish counters and chiller cabinets, as I am never convinced it is as fresh as my local fishmongers supplies. Saucy Fish Co has somewhat challenged my views after this review.

The Saucy Fish Co fish and sauce range is sold as a fresh not frozen item, its vacuum sealed and packaged with a sauce chosen to compliment that particular fish (you can also buy the fish with no sauce and the sauces with no fish accompaniment either, if you prefer). Instructions are included on the pack and the two I tried were easy to make and very quick too.

The dish above is the sea bass with a beurre blanc and dill sauce. The sea bass was fried in a non stick pan while the sauce is heated in its pouch in a mug of hot water for just a couple of minutes. When its warm enough and the fish has cooked for a few minutes on each side, snip the pouch and pour the sauce over the fish. It took not time at all to make the sea bass complete dish, which I served with potatoes (two ways) and wilted courgettes.

There was no fishy smell at all when I opened the fish, a sure sign of freshness, and all the fish is filleted, de boned and cleaned, the fillets were whole they cooked and handled easily. Each package would serve two adults a decent portion size of fish and sauce.

Saucy Fish Co have claims about sustainable fish sources on their website and say they have signed up to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

The second dish I tried was a skinless cod fillet with a piri piri sauce dish. I wanted this to be a lower calorie meal so made this with a selection of stir fried vegetables and cooked the cod in the oven in 'bake in the oven fish bags' with no added fats, just seasoning. The piri piri sauce had a real chilli hot kick to it and the fish was meaty, boneless and very fresh. Altogether it made a lovely tasty supper.

I think I would buy these Saucy Fish Co products again if I wanted to cook something special for just the two of us and/or was pushed for time, they delivered on taste, quality and convenience, with all the hard work being done. What more can I say, other than, sometimes its good to have your views on things challenged?

Saucy Fish Co sent me these two fish and sauce products to review honestly, and with no recompense for this review, or any other additional ingredients I used at my own expense; or with any expectation or demands in terms of a positive review.


  1. I love that top photo... what a perfect meal... essentially we all need to eat more (sustainable) fish!

  2. Thanks, and that is VERY true, not hard for me as I do love most fish. x


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