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Sledging biscuits - A 'Biscuit' recipe - giveaway

If you read my last post you'll have seen my review of Miranda Gore Browne's book 'Biscuit'. There are some lovely recipes in this book, the one in this post is the third recipe from 'Biscuit' I have tasted, the first two were made by the author herself!

This recipe caught my eye because of its name 'Sledging biscuits'  ('coat pocket biscuits'  were a close contender too) and I liked the look of the ingredients, and mostly had them all to hand in my store cupboards. The recipe turned out a lovely biscuit, not too sweet but the texture of the oats with the raisins and chocolate pieces make a very good combination. It had a little bit of a chew with the fruit, and was lovely dunked in milk!
Before you start to make these biscuits get your baking sheets out and prepare them before you start the recipe, as you do get sticky hands once the dough mix is made. Use either a silicone or baking paper to line the trays to put the biscuit dough on.
270g unsalted butter (softened)
160g caster sugar
160g demerara sugar
2 free range eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
380g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
100g jumbo oats
120g golden sultanas (raisins in the origional recipe)
150g chocolate chunks or chips (I used a chopped bars worth of 100g milk and 50g plain)
1. Preheat the oven to 180C fan/gas mark 4. Sieve the flour, salt and bicarb into a bowl then add the oats and mix.
2. I used a stand mixer to cream the butter and sugars until they are pale and fluffy then beat the eggs and add these to the butter/sugar mix with the vanilla and beat again.
3. Add the flour/oats to the beaten butter/eggs and mix.
4. Add the chopped chocolate and sultanas (raisins), I used a tablespoon just to incorporate these throughout the dough.
5. Time to get sticky! Take small amounts of the mixed dough and roll it into golf ball size pieces, put these on the baking trays at least 5cm apart. Flatten the tops a little.
6. Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. Once cooked let the biscuits rest on the baking trays for at least 5 minutes before putting them onto a wire rack to cool completely.

These will store in a tin, airtight container or airtight jar really well and taste just as good even after a few days.

If you need more biscuit making and baking advice (from Miranda Gore Browne) then see my last post or get yourself a copy of 'Biscuit'.

You can win a copy of 'Biscuit' by leaving a comment below, just simply tell me...what is your favourite biscuit? 

You can only leave one comment per person (no cheating please) and the winner of this lovely book will be chosen at random by me after midnight on 12th May 2012. You must have a UK postal address to enter.

Good luck, if you win this book you are in for a real biscuit inspired baking treat!

EBury publishing, (who allowed me to share this recipe) will send the copy directly to the winner. EBury Publishing have not sponsored this post, except to provide the winners copy of 'Biscuit'.


  1. I made biscuits last night and bloody good they were too. I'd have to say my favourite is the old fashioned shortbread. I love the look of yours too and the book would make a superb addition to my bookshelf!

  2. They look delicious! I wonder if they would actually survive in the coat pocket of somebody sledging...My favourite biscuits are rainbow cookies (cookies with smarties) :)

  3. Hi there, my favourite biscuits are shortbread : )

    Charlotte @gofreecakes

  4. Yummy this biscuits and great with a cup of tea!! Well done. Bacioni

  5. I like boring old custard creams! but if I'm baking, I have a nice recipe for oaty flakemeal biscuits that I like, or chocolate chip cookies for the kids.

  6. That recipe looks brilliant and i have all the ingredients at home, i think i might try it later!

    My favourite biscuit is a ginger nut x

  7. My favourite biscuit is white chocolate chunks with cranberry.

  8. Homemade Easter biscuits, all year round!

  9. I love a ginger parkins - chewy with a lovely big almond planted in the centre!

  10. I absolutely LOVE shortbread - does that count as a biscuit? If not I'm going with the good old chocolate digestive :) @pipersky1

  11. Biscuit rose de Reims - they taste even beter when dunked in Champagne

  12. Think my favourite are chocolate ginger biscuits. Mmmm!

  13. Got to be milk chocolate digestives

  14. Lemon and coconut - sounds weird, but it really works!

  15. Home-made are always best and choc-chip cookies beat the rest!

  16. My favourite are Matcha Green Tea Shortbread!

  17. Chocolate digestives, my house always has some in

  18. Melting Moments as made by my friend Helen.

  19. Peanut butter biscuits of course with Oreos being a close second :)

  20. Beautiful photographs Susan. Would love to try one of your biscuits. Although shortbread are probably my all time favourite, I used to love making orange peanut butter cookies.

  21. Love your biscuits and Miranda has come up with some cool names for her offering - love it. My favourite biscuit is a chocolate and peanut butter cookie that I make, they are just soooo good.

  22. I love cranberry & orange oat biscuits

  23. oooh difficult one, I think pistacchio shortbread. Now I want to go and make it....!

      You were picked out of the box as the winner.

  24. Homemade biscuits - my almost 8 year old daughter and I make cranberry and macadamia nut biscuits with white chocolate on them. Bought biscuits have to be bourbon biscuits :o)

  25. I'm so indecisive I can never make my mind up whether I prefer hobknobs (but given in occasionally to chocolate digestives, lol)

  26. I made some lovely flapjacks with treacle the other day as I had run out of syrup. Boy, were they good. Flapjacks for grown ups!

  27. I love chocolate chip cookies, especially when they still have soft bits in.

  28. What an intriguing name for a biscuit. They sounds really good! I have a copy of the book and was well chuffed with it. Haven't gotten around to trying it yet as my cookbook pile gets ever bigger.

  29. Boring I know and I'm a cheap date -but custard creams!

  30. My VERY favourite biscuit is.............Lemon Puffs by Huntley and Palmer...not sure if you can get them now!


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