Friday, 25 May 2012

Awesome Blog Content Award

Ahhh another day another award...of sorts...this is a challenge as much as an award and I'm following in the wake of the ever lovely Choclette (she of 'we should cocoa' fame no less) who has invited me to join in. Thanks love!

The idea is, reveal a bit more about your persona by using the letters of the alphabet...let me tell you this looks easier than it is...I was completely stumped with the 'G' word!

A - Amber, our rescued golden retriever, she had been dumped in a field after being kept for breeding purposes on a puppy farm. Never known a dog so badly treated and turn out so gentle and docile, she has never barked in all the 5 years we have had her and is truly devoted to her owners. Is also 'in charge' of this household.
B - Bournemouth - off there in a week or so to stay with relatives, should be good and a pleasant change if a little hilly and possibly gentile!
C - Cake - I 'might' just be addicted to cake, but it has to be homemade cake.
D - Dentists, I'm not a fan and think I'm getting worse, I need to feel the fear.
E - Expense - talking of dentists...(see how I just linked those two letters together there?)...
I can't quite believe how expensive decent fresh food is in this country and how packets of things have got so much smaller. Don't they know we notice these things?
F - Fresh flowers - I love them especially the more traditional ones like old fashioned peonies/hydrangeas/stocks/lavender especially blues, lavenders and pinks.
G - Gandparent - I am one - and I have no clue how that happened.
H - Hens - we have 5 ex battery hens, (and no I don't live on a) a farm or b) run an animal rescue centre) 'the girls' have almost given up laying eggs now, bless them. I think they have just retired here now and are enjoying the good life too much. We have had our oldest hen for 2 years nearly and thats very good for an ex battery hen. (Buy free range folks!)
I - Intelligence - what attracted me to my (very very clever and geeky) husband.
J - Judge - my mother was one (enough said!).
K - Klout - what can I say? I just can't quite 'get' it.
L - Lancashire - I love this county - the greenery - the views - the friendly people - the  damp climate.
M - Macmillan Cancer - one of my recipes was recently accepted for a book they are involved in as part of the worlds biggest coffee morning (September 28th), to be sold in M&S stores. I feel really proud to be associated (in even a small way) with such a worthy cause.
N - Night owl - I prefer late nights and I don't like early starts.
O - Occular migraine - I'm a sufferer - no bright lights, paparazzi flash bulbs or strobes for me anymore :-(.
P - Psychology - I have an ology in that.
Q - Queens Diamond Jubilee - I'm not feeling the vibe - sorry folks.
R - Ratings - the whole blog ratings thing fascinates me, but not for the reasons some may think.
S - Sister, I have one and I feel very lucky to have my sister. (I have two brothers too *waves*)
T - Time - where does it all go when you have a blog, it just seems to disappear into the ether?
U - USA - I want to visit every state before I die and I want to buy a house there, just not sure where (yet) or how (yet).
V - Vermont - I love that is a bit of an insight  hhhmmmm...maybe that solves the 'U' problem above?
W - Work - I work full time I never mix work and blogging. Most people would probably be surprised to learn what I do for a job.
X - Xmas - not a fan of that word, or shortened words, or shortened (nick) names either and I really do not like text speak now I think of it (gawgus being a particularly bad example).
Y - Youth - I wish I was 23 again...and all the Bee Gees were still 'staying alive'. (RIP Robin) *sighs*
Z - Zodiac - I'm a Libran - peace loving - creative - indecisive - often advocating for the under dog - can see both sides etc etc.

If you fancy taking part in this and want to be as challenged by letters in the alphabet as I was then please do so and link up below by placing a comment...

I'll happily allow you to take an Awesome Blog Content Award from me and I look forward to seeing your answers if you do!

Joining in are...

Linzi at Lancashire Food


  1. This looks like fun, will have a go over the weekend. So nice revelations too ! :-)

  2. I like to keep my work and 'life' separate too, but there is a bit of creep now and then. Now I'm desperate to know what you do for a living - grrrr! Nice to read these lists and find out more about people.

  3. Such a good idea! I will be doing this tomorrow for sure. I definitely agree with E :)

  4. GREAT idea Sue and LOVELY to learn a little more about you too! Not sure if I have time to do one......but may see if I can sneak one in!

  5. Lovely to know more about you and in such a creative way - I can see it looks easier than it is, I'm not sure I can get through the whole alphabet! I also want to know what you do for a living now - Most people would also be surprised to find out what I do.

  6. Thank you Sue, loved reading this. It made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me thoughtful, but most of all it made me gleeful cos you've now confirmed you are who I thought you were ;-)

    I have an I too.

    AND what's this about loving Lancashire so much you want to move to Vermont?


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