Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Heaven at THE Plate - dining out in the Ribble Valley

Last weekend but one we had a drive through the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire, en route to a wedding reception and we remembered why we love living in this county so much. It truly is lovely scenery in rural Lancashire and the views are absolutely beautiful.

After a lovely drive we enjoyed a truly fantastic lunch at a lovely eatery in a converted barn at Backridge Farm called THE PLATE, in a very small idyll known, funnily enough also as Backridge!  'The Plate' has its own barn conversion in amongst a few farm buildings that have been also converted into shops/studios and the like.

Backridge Farm is not a big affair but pleasant for a wander around and to look at the rabbits, llamas, geese (there are a couple of small play areas for children) and to gaze at the rolling Lancashire countryside, new lambs and their patient mothers. All in all a very lovely setting.

I could not fault the food at 'The Plate', or the ambience, the menu choices, service, the ticked so many boxes for me, and I am very fussy (too  fussy for many!).

The welcome by the gentleman who manages 'The Plate' was one of the warmest I have every had (I know who he is now, as he has kindly left a comment at the foot of this post and Dinnoo is offering a 10% discount if you go to eat at 'The Plate' and mention THIS blog). That's an offer too good to miss.
Starters - crayfish in a bisque sauce with pesto and parmesan and mushrooms/bacon in a stilton sauce

The food/drinks/wines etc are all locally sourced as the blackboard at the side of the counter shows (and the Ribble Valley has some amazing food producers).
Main courses - chicken in a cream and chive sauce with pilau rice and butterfly chicken breast with sun dried tomatoes and pasta.

I loved the interior with its stripped back beams, chalkboards and exposed brickwork.

You can pretty much get everything here they do breakfasts as well as starters and main courses, sandwiches, cold platters and cakes and coffee, scones and teas.

This is a special place...we will be back very soon...

NB. The Plate at Backridge Farm did not ask me to do a feature on my blog or offer me any incentive (monetary or otherwise) to show you what we had for Saturday lunch, in fact they will have no idea about this until they see it for themselves!


  1. Looks lovely , will have to give it a try

  2. It does look beautiful Susan - it's good to know there are other places as good as Cornwall sometimes ;-)

    We went through a fairly short lived phase of dreaming about setting up a llama treking business - we did get to go on some great walks around the country and see some lovely llamas during the course of it. None in Lancashire though!

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful coverage. By way of a big thank you, we at the plate, backridge farm would like to offer 10% discount off our full menu for anyone reading ths blog. Thank you once again Dinnoo, the manager of the plate

  4. This place looks amazing and the food too. I am tempted to go and see it!


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