Monday, 30 July 2012

Lavender and lemon bundt cake - recipe

This is a cake I made for our last but one clandestine cake club (May 2012), I'm bit late writing about it as I wanted permission from the author of the recipe I adapted to publish the details of it... she's been away in Uganda to see how vanilla is grown and is raising awareness of fair trade goods. You can check out her adventures on her blog, it might make you think like it did me recently, why I don't buy more fair trade goods?. I thought more about this issue as I do like to support local shops most of the time and some of the ones I use do sell a lot of products that are fair trade branded. Since I've read Vanessa's posts I have been much more fair trade minded when I shop...its worth a read if you have five minutes and you can check it out here.

Back to the recipe for this lovely cake...a combination of lavender and lemon scents with the lemon being the stronger sibling in this case. You will need a bundt shaped tin of you want to make a cake this shape but to be honest any tin would suit, loaf, round or square will do just as well. Many thanks to Vanessa Kimbell who has let me share this recipe from her book Prepped.

160g soft margarine
2 large free range eggs
175g sifted SR flour
175g golden caster sugar
125ml milk
1 heaped tsp dried culinary lavender
pinch of sea salt
grated zest of one lemons
3 tbsp lemon syrup - to feed the cake
for the icing
about 10 tbsp sifted icing sugar
juice of 2 lemons
Grape coloured gel food colouring
lavender coloured sugar, fondant flowers and leaves to decorate
1. I started by infusing the dried culinary lavender in some warmed milk first. Just warm the milk in a saucepan add the dried lavender and leave to steep for about and hour. Then drain through a sieve, leaving the lavender behind. Let the milk cool.
2. Grease a bunt tin thoroughly or use a cake release spray, and pre heat the oven to 180C fan.
3. Put the eggs and sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer for a few minutes. Add the lemon zest and the margarine and mix well.
4. Add the flour, lavender milk and salt and mix very gently until the batter is smooth.
5. Pour the batter into the bunt tin and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes.
6. When the cake is cooked and in the bunt tin and still warm prick it with a cocktail stick and drizzle lemon syrup all over the cake, allow this to soak in.
7. Turn out the cake by inverting it onto a plate.
8. Once the cake has cooled completely, make the icing with the lemon juice and sifted  icing sugar. I used a grape gel food colouring to make it the shade of lavender I wanted. You need the smallest amount to get this colour.
9. To decorate I added some white flowers and green leaves I had made out of fondant icing and cutters. I gave it a sprinkle of lavender coloured sugar to finish it off.


  1. Looks lovely Susan, love the decorations.

  2. Oh It looks fabulous Susan.

    Thank you for your kind words I feel encouraged. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently and it's good to know that I have inspired.

  3. It looks so pretty and I bet it tasted awesome. I do love the flavour lavender brings to sweet and savoury dishes. I too try to buy fair trade as much as I can and our local co op has a great range. Xx

  4. This is so pretty and inviting. The lavander gives it a beautiful flavour. Well done!

  5. This looks so lovely, especially the decoration. Lavender is always interesting.

  6. Oh that is so very pretty. Any tin would do, but it does look extra special with a hole in the middle! I haven't made lavender cake for a long time but it brings a surprisingly nice flavour to bakes I've found. We have an awful lot of klout with our purchasing power - if only more people would use it.


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