Thursday, 2 August 2012

Flavrbox - a review

This is a parcel of lovely food goodies I received in the post recently from a company called Flavrbox. I was sent this 'tasting box' to give my views on this notion of food boxes delivered to your home each month and to comment on my views of the quality of the products contained within the box.

Flavrbox is relatively new, the idea of the tasting boxes is you sign up to pay an amount each month (the more months you commit to the cheaper it is, and you can cancel at any time) and every month on a certain date you are sent a 'tasting box' of food products to try at home. The products are not fresh as in fresh fruit and meat (Flavrbox do deliver fresh produce too by the way) its more store cupboard like ingredients and products. If signing up to this each month does not appeal you can also have a one off box for yourself or sent as a gift.

The items in each box are from smaller food producers with an eye on quality and more unique products,  these items won't be easily found in the large supermarkets or local chains, these you will find in specialist farm shops or delis, that kind of supplier. That's one of the refreshing thing about Flavrbox, that and the fact they want to positively support and promote these smaller food producers.

Once you receive your 'tasting box' you try the goodies inside and then if you want to order more you can do so from the website.
Where I live there is not a wealth of delis or specialist food stores so if you live in an area like me, or somewhere a bit more rural or remote and you like to try new things this might be just for you.

To give you an idea my box contained,
1 packet of spelt risotto (sun dried tomato and chill)
1 packet of spelt risotto (courgette, garlic, thyme)
1 packet fruit crisps
1 sachet of drinking fudge
1 sachet loose leaf tea (a camomile blend)
1 packet of gourmet fudge
1 pack of Helen Mon sea salt with celery
There was also a personalised letter and leaflet telling me about the food producers from this months selection. Everything was well wrapped and packaged and the contents arrived safely and looked fresh. Some of the items are sample sized (like the salt, fudge and drinking chocolate) others were full size.

We've now eaten or drank everything from the box...we have all tried different things, for example the tea was right up my street as I only drink tea while others in the household scoffed tried the fudge and relished the hot chocolate. The tea was a loose tea that came with its own bags to make up if that was your preference. The fruit crisps were a welcome change from potato crisps and a much healthier and low calorie alternative for those of us trying to shed a few pounds.

We have eaten the spelt risotto's for lunch, this isn't a product I'd normally buy as I don't particularly like pre packaged type foods like this. But I was impressed with it as it made a tasty easy and quick lunch. All you do is add water and simmer, at the end of the process I added some butter and a handful of parmesan. It was pretty close to home made and yes I'd buy it again.
Flavrbox is a great way to try new foods and if you like to try new and different things, or you get bored really easily with limited supermarket ranges then (like me) you will probably like this idea. You can find out more about Flavrbox here. They sell other items as well as 'tasting boxes', many of the products they sell would make ideal for gifts for foodie friends (if you can bear to give them away that is!).

The lowest monthly cost of the tasting box I received is £16 and bearing in mind postage and package charges I felt that was a reasonable price to pay for what we received.

Flavrbox are currently running a competition to win a years subscription to receive one of their tasting boxes each month, check it out on their website.

NB. My tasting box was sent to me to review, and no demands were made of me or recompense received from Flavrbox for a positive review.


  1. Drinking fudge???? It won't have that crisp crumbly texture of real fudge. Sounds a bit of a gimmick.

  2. Crikey - drinking fudge? Whatever next. Interesting review and it seems like a good way to promote small producers. Of course I can't resist the chance to try and win interesting food stuffs.

  3. Drinking fudge is the thing that stood out to me too! Is it just really thick horlicks?!

  4. I have to mention the drinking fudge too! I tried the speltotto as I was in Selfridges and saw it on the shelf - I must say it was pretty tasty! Thanks for the heads up about the competition :)

  5. Thanks for the great review! :) I've never heard of some of these products. I've tried the Nim's Fruit Crisps and think they're great! It has a lot of flavor and is perfect for on the go.


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