Monday, 22 October 2012

Black pudding, pork and chutney sausage rolls - random recipe

Its a strange life being a food blogger at find yourself pondering all sorts of things...last week it was...'how to make a black pudding sausage roll look 'sexy' ' the blogging sense of course. I haven't fallen for a black pudding sausage roll as a bedmate, with all those flaky crumbs in the bed *tuts*. BUT I must be honest I have fallen for Nigel...yes readers Nigel and I have drifted off together on many a night recently; entwined in each others mutual passion for all things good and wholesome (food wise).

I'm not daft enough to think I'm the only one I'm pretty sure that I'm one of a few that are currently sharing a bed with Nigel (Slater) , he talks about this in his new book. My lovely sister bought me Nigel's new book 'The kitchen diaries' for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It's an interesting read and full of inspiration, if you love to cook good food. Its a big book and there is lots in it, taking you through most of a year of what's been created in Nigel's kitchen. AND when  you read it, its like Nigel reading you a cooks bedtime story, you know he has that sort of soothing voice on the TV? Well you can hear him when you read the book (well not really, but I can).

I like the premise behind the book that a kitchen shouldn't have too much stored food (buy fresh and create meals from fresh foods notion) and I love the way he advocates the using up of bits and pieces to make new and interesting meals. In fact, thats just how I like to cook at home, I love a good rummage in the fridge and the cupboards, and I really enjoy making meals out of what might appear to be very little.

My husband agrees that some of the best meals we have had have been created from 'bits and pieces'; and when we were watching Nigel on TV last week (there is a series on TV currently that supports this book) I was paid one of the best compliments ever when my husband said 'this reminds me of the way you cook and some of the meals we have', I welled up I was so proud to be compared to Nigel Slater!

Nigel has a recipe in 'The kitchen diaries' for a black pudding sausage roll; here is my version where I am trying to use up some of the many thousand jars of chutneys/relishes we have at home and an abundance (and don't ask me why) of poppy seeds! Dom's random recipe challenge this month at Belleau Kitchen is all about using up 'store cupboard finds" and this recipe inspired by Nigel's new book fits the bill perfectly, sexy or not its delicious.
2 (horseshoe) Lancashire black puddings
500g pork sausages
1 jar onion marmalade/relish/pickle (whatever chutney you can lay your hands on will probably work well here)
1 pkt fresh (butter) puff pastry
1tsp poppy seeds
1 beaten egg
flour to dust
1. Pre- heat the oven to 180C fan.
2. Roll out the puff pastry, until quite thin, I found it easer to cut it in half and work in two batches.
3. Start by taking the sausage meat out of the skins and put in a bowl. Do the same with the black pudding and crumble the black pudding into the sausage meat. Mix together (hands work best at this job).
4. Use the meat mixture to make a long sausage, by rolling in some flour. Then lay on the rolled puff pastry. Use a teaspoon to dribble the onion marmalade/chutney over the meat mixture in a line. Roll up the sausage roll and use the beaten egg on the edges prior to sealing.
5. Place the rolls on a baking sheet (or 2) and brush the tops and sides with beaten egg. Use scissors to snip along the top of the sausage rolls and then sprinkle with poppy seeds.
6. Bake in the oven for about 45 minutes.
These are delicious hot and just as good cold too, the onion marmalade adds a sweetness and the black pudding/pork sausage meat is an amazing combination. For this recipe I made 2 very long and deep rolls. I baked them whole and then sliced them into individual pieces once cooled from the oven.

Don't forget to check Dom's blog for more (store cupboard finds and inspirational recipes when he does his round up at the end of the month, its always a cracking read.


  1. The kinds of sausage roll that you get at corporate functions and catered parties have not given me a lot of pleasure over the years but black pudding and chutney are exactly what I need to convert me back into a sausage roll lover. These look really good. I agree entirely about the bits and pieces meals - they're what cooking is all about. Tamasin Day-Lewis is in my bedroom at the moment, but I'm playing hard to get.

    1. I quite like a bit of Tamsin too, she's good. Agree with you re sausage rolls I only ever eat my own homemade ones.

  2. Susan, what a beautifully written and photographed blog post. I love it and this is exactly what RR is all about. The sausage roll is an absolute stunner. I want one. I want one NOW!!!... loving Nigel and loving this sausage roll. Gorgeous!... thanks so much for entering this month x

  3. I'm a sucker for a good sausage roll although I've never had one made with black pudding before, need to add that to my list of things to try. I also like your idea of cooking from bits and pieces in the kitchen. This is something that I quite often do and the results are usually pretty good.

  4. Wow - salivating over these - I LOVE black pudding - they sound amazing! I also really hate chutney, apart from when it is baked into sausage rolls, at which point it morphs into something not only edible but delicious - so I'll have to give these a try!

  5. I have never heard of sausage roll, but boy, you have sure made it look appealing! Terrific post!

  6. That sausage roll is a triumph! I'm looking forward to Nigel telling me stories when his book arrives in my Christmas stocking, what an evocative post and I also cook just like that, I sometimes start off with a recipe but end up with something which only vaguely ressembles the original.

  7. Your Sausage Rolls do look delicious and I love the use of onion marmalade in them as this is a staple in our household. I too am a Nigel Slater admirer as he we tweeted on my first day on Twitter much to my shock and delight and I have enjoyed learning more about him and his foodie beginnings through the film Toast. The only thing I want for my birthday is Food Diaries II and an Amazon package arrived for my husband the other day which looked suspiciously that shape! I too will be reading it in Nigel's voice which is so calming it should be on the NHS to relax to:-)


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