Sunday, 14 October 2012

Home made and well preserved challenge with Steenbergs Organics and Vivien Lloyd

Well-preserved adj.
1. kept in good condition. 2. continuing to appear youthful.
Jam n. 1. a preserve containing fruit, which has been boiled with sugar until the mixture sets. 
Chutney n. a pickle of Indian origin, made from fruit, vinegar, spices, sugar, etc.: mango chutney. 
Pickle n. 1. (often pl.) vegetables, such as onions, etc:, preserved in vinegar, brine etc. 2. any food preserved in this way. 3. a liquid or marinade, such as spiced vinegar, for preserving vegetables, meat, fish, etc. 4. to preserve in a pickling liquid. 
Piccalilli n. a pickle of mixed vegetables in a mustard sauce. 
Marmalade n. a clear sweetened jelly in which pieces of fruit and fruit rind are suspended. 
Curd n. a custard like mixture made from fruit juice, sugar, butter and egg yolks and used as a filling or spread (Definitions quoted from Well Preserved)

You might remember last year when I held my preserving challenge called 'Homemade and well preserved'? If you don't, you missed an absolute belter of a challenge and some great preserving recipes came out of the challenge too!  You can read about it and see the links to last years recipes here.

I'm very pleased to announce that 'Home made and well preserved' is back again this year... think of it as...'the return of 'Home made and well preserved'...'Home made and well preserved' - the sequel'...and this time its serious!
This year there are TWO lovely prizes to be won...and there are two categories to enter, these are...drum roll please...
Chutney entry - 'best in show' - prize donated by Steenbergs which is up to £30 value of their amazing spices range. Just what you need to spice up your preserves.

Steenbergs are a family business priding themselves on quality, organic and fairtrade goods, the spices they sell are ethically sourced with great flavours; they are stylishly (and functionally) packed; and there for you to create delicious creations whether it be preserves or other goodies.
Picture courtesy of Steenbergs
Jam/marmalade/curd/mincemeat entry - 'best in show' - prize donated by Vivien Lloyd - a signed copy of her lovely book 'First Preserves'.
Last year was about posting a recipe and the winner chosen at random, preserve this year its all about the recipe, and to help me choose two winners I have help in the shape of the ever lovely and eagle eyed Vivien Lloyd (WI preserving judge, Fortnum and Mason chutney recipe maker and HRH The Queen marmalade maker, and expert in all things preserved and in jars...don't mention the jars!). Vivien has agreed to judge the winners over the ether and to have a go at making the winning entry herself (produce availability allowing of course).

This year for this challenge we might have to be more creative as the gluts of produce we usually have are not in as much abundance as last year due to the unseasonal weather we have had, however plums/tomatoes/apples/pears/sloes/ veggies and some free hedgerow goodies are still around...So lets get preserving and see what imaginative recipes we can share. 

You might want to share a recipe you have made before that is a particular favourite, an old familiar family recipe past down, or you might want to share a recipe for something you are preserving now to give as a gift in about 90 days time?
The rules of the challenge:
- You can enter a homemade pot of goodness in any category but a maximum of  TWO pots per person are allowed for this challenge.
- Please state the source of your recipe in your post, is it your own, or from a book, magazine, website etc.
- Tweet the link to your blog to me on Twitter (@TwitTottee) use the hashtag #homemadewellpreserved for the round up by midnight 11th November 2011.
- Link up your recipe/post using the linky below.
- You can use an old post on a blog you may have published in the past 12 months, BUT you must re-publish the post and you must use the logo below AND link back to 'A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate' and this blog post.

Some advice on preserving:

* Curds and mincemeat recipes must be finished only with waxed discs and cellophane covers.

*Airtight seals on curds and mincemeats may cause fermentation when stored.

* More helpful advice on covers and containers and food safety from Vivien Lloyd can be found here.

Picture courtesy of Steenbergs
I'll do a round up of all entries five weeks from now, that's after Sunday November 18th 2012. 

Really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and good luck with all your amazing entries.

Please note: This post is not sponsored by either Steenbergs or Vivien LLoyd other than each party is providing each of the two prizes. Steenbergs will send out the prize to the winner on receipt of their details. I will send out Vivien Lloyds 'First Preserves' book.


  1. oh nice. I don't seem to have time for preserving just now. I really should make an effort though!

  2. Great challenge...I've actually had my eye on a recipe that would be perfect for this...I might have to give it a go! :-)

  3. I have made my recipe already and will blog it tomorrow! Karen

  4. Ooh, ooh, how exciting Sue and what great prizes. I have just the thing for the jam category. It's unusual for me to make jams as I tend not to have gluts of fruit, so I'm quite excited by this one. My fail safe chutney recipe which I make every year isn't really suitable for a chocolate blog!

  5. Oh,well, uh, eh, yes, I wanted to try to make some sort of chutney with apples this year. So far I have no real clue, but after some research, things should be possible. That is a lovely challenge. Maybe, if I don't manage anything, I can get ideas after the challenge from the round-up.

  6. Made it in time. Thought about entering my chilli sauce as it's a good one, but I'd already pretty much written the apricot jam post, so I've gone for that as my second entry.


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