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Pear and ginger bundt - recipe

Yesterday was about seasonal British apples from Sainsburys and today is about British pears...over 10 varieties of pears are sold in their stores.  I'm quite fussy about pears, there are some I like much more than others and I don't generally like to eat fresh pears until they have ripened/softened in the fruit bowl for a few days. Once they soften some of the varieties we have tried from Sainsburys, like Comice and William, have a flavour and taste of sweet honey, they are so sweet and juicy. I like my pears just like my apples, with a rosy blush to the skin, so some varieties appeal more to me than others.

This is a very autumnal looking pear and ginger bundt cake, it has a flavour along the lines of a parkin cake as its rich in treacly ginger flavours, its a dense cake that lends itself to lashings of cream or custard and it fares very well as a pudding and if served warm. I made a similar cake recently for a South Lancashire cake club but have altered the recipe and made it again since. The original recipe this cake is adapted from is from a recipe in Australian Gourmet magazine.

You need a bundt cake tin to make a cake in this shape, but its not vital as any baking tin would do. This is a big cake, so think 10 or 12 inch square or round tin. Half the recipe to make a smaller version if you are not feeding the 5,000, except for the pears...the more juicy caramelised pears you use on top the better this cake will benefit.
For the cake batter:
300g Plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
125g unsalted softened butter
125g dark brown sugar
370g Black Treacle (yes that much Treacle!)
250ml buttermilk
3tbsp ground ginger
3 free range eggs
2 balls of stem ginger sliced
For the topping:
4 pears cored and thinly sliced
100g unsalted butter
125g dark brown sugar
2 balls stem ginger sliced
1 tsp cinnamon
1. Pre heat  the oven to 160C fan. Core and slice the pears. Put 100g unsalted butter and 125g dark brown sugar in a large frying pan and allow to melt over a moderate heat. Add the sliced pears and 2 balls of the sliced ginger and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cook gently for about 10 minutes, then take off the heat.
2. Sift the flour and dried ginger in a bowl. Grease the bundt tin to within an inch of its life.
3. Make the cake batter by creaming the unsalted butter and sugar in a stand mixer, when pale and flufy add the treacle...bit of advice here readers...stop the mixer first! (one of these days I'll do a post on messes I make in my kitchen!). My mixer was weeping treacle for days after this. Anyway...
4. Add the buttermilk to the beaten eggs, mix them together then add these wet ingredients in batches to the batter with a table spoon of the flour/ginger mix each time. Once incorporated, fold in the flour mixture and the sliced stem ginger.
5. Place the cooked pears and ginger in the bottom of the bundt tin and arrange them to fit the shape of the tin, use a slotted spoon to drain the pears. Add the cake batter carefully on top of the pears, level with a knife
6. Bake in the oven for about an hour, test with a skewer or cake tester.
7. Allow the cake to cool slightly before tipping out on to an inverted plate.

Add single cream to the butter sugar mix left in the frying pan to create a sauce for this cake if preferred.

Sainsburys are currently inviting some bloggers to try the different varieties of apples and pears they sell in store and create recipes from them. Sainsburys reimbursed the cost of the fruits for my recipe, but this is not a sponsored post.

I'm linking this post to 'Simple and in Season' hosted by Ren at Fabulicious Food.


  1. What a lush looking cake Sue, very nice, and I know what you mean about pears, sometimes they are so tasteless and mushy! I need to get my Bundt out! In a manner of speaking....Karen

  2. Ginger and pear sounds such a great combination of flavours, and those caramelised pears look totally delicious. Fab looking cake - I do like a bundt!

  3. ooh, i'd like to see Karen's bundt!... Sue, this is a thing of beauty.... and I made an apple and pear bundt yesterday but nothing as gorgeous or elegant looking as this... I agree pear can be somewhat dull in a cake but I found mixing the two together was really great... love the addition of chocolate and that pic of the chocolate all over the mixer blade is quite quite pornographic!... nice work!

  4. I have to admit that pears and I aren't the best of friends, not sure why as I have tried to make their acquaintance several times now. But, if pears and I were friends I would be making this stunning bake, it looks so tasty and right on season too ;0)

  5. Oh Sue, I love a good gingerbread and those caramelised pears on top look so delightful and beautifully autumnal too. I'm a bit fussy about pears too, it's quite hard to get good ones.


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