Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Raising money for Macmillan Cancer - Thank you!

I have been away on holiday so am catching up with posts on my blog...but I wanted to update everyone on the Macmillan Cancer Coffee morning I ran with colleagues on 28th September.

This event had been months in the planning (and if you follow me on this blog or on Twitter you might be fed up of hearing about it) but I think this is a really good cause to support and I have always wanted to run an event for Macmillan, so I was fulfilling an ambition of mine, by helping raise money for this charity.
Our event included a number of things, a pop up tearoom, a raffle, a tombola, a bake/food sale, guess the sweets in the jar, name the teddy, a recipe book sale, a very successful auction and a book swap. We were also supported by our local Body Shop whose staff came along on the day to do make-up demos and hand massages. It was a great event with lots going on.
But rather than write about the event itself, mostly I wanted to use this post to say a few thank you's ...and these go out to people I'd call friends and other 'acquaintances' on Twitter, who sent me items for the event. Some of these items were used in an auction and others used for raffle prizes or to sell on the day. Because of everyone's amazing efforts and generosity...
We raised a total of £1,300. for Macmillan Cancer
Thanks to EBury Publishing who sent me the latest Great British Bake Off Book, which I was able to get signed by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood at the Bolton Food and Drink festival. We auctioned this book and it raised a lot of money for MacmillanCancer.

Thanks to Gina Rozner and Joanne Wheatley; Joanne's lovely book A Passion for Baking was donated by the publishers, and Gina very kindly arranged for Joanne to sign it for me and sent it on to me. Joanne was involved in the Macmillan Cancer event too. This book was auctioned and raised a lot of money too.

Thanks to Vivien Lloyd who gave me some recipe books and some of her home made delicious preserves to sell too, a lot of the preserves sold before the day itself and the remaining ones didn't last very long.

Thanks to Karen Burns Booth from Lavender and Lovage (who carried all the way from France) a cupcake stand and some recipe books to donate. The stand and cakes were sold together, cakes made by yours truly plus one other colleague.

Thanks to Orion Books who sent me The Hairy Dieters book, as its so popular (it's outsold 50 Shades of Grey...and no wonder!) this was a popular raffle prize.

Thanks to Quadrelle Publishing who sent me the GBBO stationery set. We used these items to display cakes (the cupcake stand, which someone offered to buy from us on the day) and used others as prizes for the tomobola.

Thanks to Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen who sent me a lovely herb keeper/saver...used in the Tombola as a prize.

Thanks to Budz by Helen Jane, an independent florist (local to me) for a donation of fresh flowers...the smell of these was amazing...

And finally thanks to everyone who bought The Little Book of Treats from M&S coffee shops in store...I have  one of my recipes in the book...(my mother has bought more copies than anyone else in the country, I can certainly vouch for that!)



  1. Congratulations, that's a fabulous amount to raise, and must feel like an excellent reward for all the hard work you've put into organisation. I bet Macmillan are thrilled! My small contribution was to buy the little book of treats - the recipes all look lovely!

  2. It was a pleasure to be able to send you something for such a good cause. Well done on raising so much money.


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