Thursday, 15 November 2012

Home made and well preserved - the round up

The judges decisions are in for the 'Home made and well preserved' challenge, and the two 'best in show' winners. As I'd said at the launch of the challenge some four weeks ago now, this hasn't been the best year for home preserving lovers as fruit and vegetable crops have been badly affected by the weather this year. The word 'glut' is fast becoming obsolete in the English dictionary and yes folks its not been the best of years for entries.

However a few brave soldiers rose to the challenge and submitted some very lovely is the round up of entries below, worth a look and the winners are announced at the end of this post...

As ever I am indebted to the entrants for some preserving inspiration for my shelves and cupboards and of course thanks to all for taking the time to is the round up of the two categories.

Linzi from Lancashire Food entered a lovely apple butter (I have never made a fruit butter myself) but I could just imagine this thickly spread on toast or pancakes for breakfast or in the centre of a cake as a filling. Just the job if you grow apples and have windfalls, see the recipe here.
Choclette, in a break from tradition (as these recipes don't contain chocolate), so I was very honoured she entered this challenge at all, entered two fruit preserves. The first is a fig, apple and pomegranate jam. The colour of this jam is just stunning and I thought this was an unusual but great flavour combination too. Run over the Chocolate Log Blog to see the recipe.
And a stunning apricot and vanilla jam too...all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine these two preserves on your breakfast table with some fresh bread...and that is heaven. Thank you Choclette for your two entires.
Inbetween these two categories Pen from Penelope's Pantry in her preserving exploits post, entered some flavoured alcohols in the shape of a very fanciable blackberry vodka but she's also got some sloe gin and blackberry and blackcurrant rum on the go too...who wouldn't say no to that for Christmas?
Pen has another recipe on her blog for rhubarb and ginger jam she's made this in advance to be ready by Christmas. Its a lovely preserve and the flavours with the fruit alongside the warmth of the ginger match the season perfectly.

Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen entered her apricot and apple chutney, not a chutney with a lot of liquid in it (judging by the photographs) but the texture and chunks of fruit interwoven with spices was very appealing. A jar of this alongside your Christmas cheeseboard and your guests would be in heaven.
A second chutney entry was for a green bean chutney from a lovely blog entitled 'edible things' written by Mel, an ex pat living in the Netherlands. Mel described her love of this childhood recipe, you can see why as its a lovely combination of flavours and good things brought together in one jar. Mel's as keen about growing things as she is about food and her blog is a great read. You can find Mel's delicious green bean chutney recipe here.

Picture courtesy of Steenbergs

Steenbergs have kindly donated the prize for the Chutney winner and one lucky person has won up to £30 worth of Steenbergs amazing organic spices. Steenbergs are a family business priding themselves on quality, organic and fairtrade goods, the spices they sell are ethically sourced with great flavours; they are stylishly (and functionally) packed; and there for you to create delicious creations whether it be preserves or other goodies.
And the winner is...Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen with her apricot and apple chutney recipe! 

JAM/MARMALADE/CURD/FRUIT BASED PRESERVES BEST IN SHOW - THE WINNER This prize donated by Vivien Lloyd is a signed copy of her lovely book 'First Preserves'. If you love preserving at home this book is a must for your collection, its also available as an e-book from Vivien's own website.
And the winner is...Linzi from Lancashire Food, with her apple butter recipe!

My thanks go to everyone who entered and to Vivien Lloyd for her input and to Vivien and Steenbergs for the prizes for the winners.


  1. So much jam I don't know where to start. Great round up and some lovely offerings too.

  2. Ahh, you are a kind and generous soul Sue and you've done a splendid round-up. Runner bean chutney is something I remember from childhood too. I make it from time to time, but not this year. I made apple butter a couple of years ago, but my goodness it was a faff - hours of stirring, so hats off to Linzi. And well done to Janice too.

  3. OH NO! I made a chutney but have not blogged about it yet, for this! SORRY! Oh well, well done Janice and Linzi! WELL DONE all of you! Karen xxx


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