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Homemade Chocolate truffles - random recipe

I love a nice photo to open a post to try and tempt you all into making a lovely tried and trusted recipe to delight the folks at home. Today is no exception and here we have chocolate truffles...two of them, yes just the two, there were three truffles in the end but we fought over tried one of them in the interests of tasting the recipe.

This recipe is my entry into this months random recipe challenge, it comes round quick! This month Dom from Belleau Kitchen has come up with the notion to pick a recipe book that (by counting on the shelf) reflects your birthday...easy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! My birthday is the 5th, no problem so far.

Now my book shelf as 2 halves so I started from the right hand side and not counting the 6 copies of the Macmilan Cancer Charity 'Little book of treats' baking book I bought (*ahem* I'm in it you know!) I came upon...number 5 which was 'Delia Smith's Christmas'.

Ahhh result indeed! Delia an oldie but goodie (bit like one's good self!), she never goes out of fashion, loses 3 stone, or becomes overwhelmed with her image, she won't let me down will good ol' Delia.
Then I got clever and thought...
"I know, I'll use the chapter for the month of my birthday...10."
"Is there a chapter 10?"
"Yes there is! "
"What is it?"
"Sweets" *sad face*
"Really...its sweets?"
...I NEVER make sweets. I have tried, I made fudge once, it was shocking...grainy grim fudge. Treacle toffee, not so good.
"How about I go for the year instead? That'll be page...."
"Hmmmm not a bad idea but might give the game away about one's tender age".
"Chapter 10 it is then".
*Flicks through chapter 10*... quickly!
Twas a short flick to be fair as there are only 3 recipes in chapter 10, I think Delia's like me in that she does not do sweets.

So here dear readers (if you are still with me) we have chocolate truffles...the messiest sweet in the whole wide world to make at home, IF you can get the recipe to work and I didn't. Mine were a complete failure. On a positive at least its seasonal and it could have been buttered brazils OR creme de menthe jellies (yes they were the other two options, but maybe they'd have turned out better).
150g good quality plain chocolate (mine was a good one!)
150ml thick double cream
25g unsalted butter
2tbsp rum or brandy
1 tbsp Greek yoghurt
cocoa powder
stem ginger
pistachio nuts
toasted almonds
etc ('if' you get to coat yours)
1. In a food processor put the chocolate in broken into squares and blitz until fine.
2. In a small saucepan heat the cream and butter and rum or brandy. When this starts to boil add to the chocolate in the running food processor. Then add the yoghurt and mix again.
3. Put the mix into a bowl. Leave to go cold then refrigerate until solid. The recipe says overnight.
4. When you are ready get your paper cases and toppings ready as rolling truffles is messy.
5. Take teaspoons of the mix and after coating your hands in cocoa powder roll into a ball.

This is where it went wrong for me, they wouldn't shape at all, and the chocolate had set as hard as concrete. I could just about muster enough hard chocolate to form the three truffles I made. Not sure what I did wrong other with the mix other than I didn't add any alcohol with my warmed cream, butter mix, is this what I did wrong?

6. You can coat with  nuts or chopped ginger if you manage to get yours to this stage. Place in tiny paper cake cases or on a plate, if you're lucky to get this far!

These will go down with macarons and fudge as not one of my finer culinary moments, but thats the joy of the random recipe challenge....its challenging!
I did try re-heating the chocolate over a pan of simmering water, I added brandy then added a bit more cream, thinking they are already rubbish they can't get worse...but they did get worse...a lot worse! Yuk!
What's more annoying is that I made something similar recently at an event I went to recently hosted by Olives from Spain...they were the easiest thing to make sister was with me she tried them too.
This is how they should look better with black olive tapenade inside for sure.


  1. Replies
    1. Is that what did it the yoghurt? Thats what the recipe says!! Gggrrrrrr

  2. oh dear... ugly but delicious? That Delia can be a bit of stickler can't she and if you don't follow the rules to the letter you'll stumble... great bit of thinking when it comes to the recipe choice too, with your birthday month... but i'm glad you still see this as a challenge that you win some/lose some... I hope... thanks for entering honey xx

  3. Well it was worth a try...truffles really are the messiest thing to make...I'm slightly filled with fear now as I am intending to try making some in the next few weeks! What did the one you tried taste like? :-)

    1. VERY bitter!! Probably best with flavour added first...and try another recipe not this one :-(( Let us all know how you get on.

  4. Hmmmm - the booze would have stopped it from setting so hard, but that alone may not have been enough to save it! Ah well - we all need a good kitchen disaster from time to time to make the next success all the sweeter...

  5. Great post. It made me chuckle. It's even more annoying when something doesn't work if you've made a huge mess in the process. And having made truffles recently myself, I know just how far and wide cocoa powder manages to spread itself. I do agree with Lynne that a recipe for truffles containing yoghurt is best given a wide berth. What was Delia thinking???

  6. Delia has really let us down this month, her reputation in ruins or is it 'operator error'? I'm reminded of The Great Macaron challenge - hee hee

  7. Well I've not had success with truffles either, thought I was planning on having another go this year. Mine was the opposite to you though, too soft and sticky so they just melted into my hands. Looking at the quantities you used, I'm surprised they were hard and I really like the idea of yogurt. In a bit of a panic as to what chocolates to make this year - arghh!

  8. What a shame the chocolate started acting up on you. Looks a fab recipe and that photo at the very start is a real stunner.

  9. Hmm, I recall making Delia's truffles a very long time ago but I'm not sure I put the mixture in the fridge overnight. Perhaps I just let it warm up a bit before trying to shape them. I agree that it must be the messiest job ever, trying to shaped them and roll in cocoa powder - the couple of times I've attempted it my kitchen has resembled the site of a cocoa bomb!

  10. Oh dear! I think it must be not putting the alcohol in (and I'm glad I read this as I was contemplating trying that with my daughter this week as she wants truffles for her friends - they're 7 - as a Christmas gift). I make these exact truffles every year for the past 7 and they are amazing. Actually I lie, I missed last year and friends were so horrified that I was put under enormous pressure not to miss another! They really are divine...but clearly need the alcohol. The greek yoghurt is a tiny amount compared to everything else in there. I also put them in the freezer after I've shaped them and then when ready to give out as gifts I melt chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and the get 2 deep spoons (tbsp. measuring spoons) and take a few frozen truffles and one at a time I coat them in chocolate and immediately put them on a plastic surface to cool. Because they are frozen the hot chocolate hardens immediately and coats well. Then they are ready to give out as gifts (need to be kept in a fridge and eaten within 4 days of being coated). I love Delia..not let me down yet! :)


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