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Tasty olives from Spain and wishing you all Feliz Navidad! - recipes

It's getting closer to Christmas and its time for a) panic to set in, b) time to put the blog to bed for a doze and spend time with loved ones and c) to get thinking about how and what I'm going to feed the hungry throngs of guests coming in a matter of weeks.

When I have the folks round I always try and have a few tasty things on the table to nibble on while they are waiting for the main event. I don't tend to do buffets or buffet foods as such, as those ads on TV before Christmas tend to put me right off, if you come to eat at my table you'll get proper stuff and its all homemade. I'm a blogger and I write about food, its the law!

So to impress your guests here are three different and very simple recipes for marinated olives from Spain, you can make these really quickly and easily at home with just a few ingredients...try them out on your guests at Christmas they'll be impressed you had a hand in making these...even better put some in a jar and top up with Spanish olive oil as a gift and they'll think you really are Santa.
For a fresh take on a classic olive a bowl mix Spanish olive oil, chopped fresh rosemary, chopped fresh sage, fresh thyme leaves and one minced garlic clove. Simply take any kind of drained olives (green or black) and add to them to the herby mix. Leave to marinade at least overnight if possible. Serve in a bowl with a sage garnish.

For the warming scents and flavours of of Christmas...In a bowl mix Spanish olive oil, the grated zest from one small orange, the juice of half of the orange, 1 tsp cloves, about an inch of fresh ginger grated and about 3 whole star anaise. Add drained olives (green or black) and mix them to the oil mixture coating all the olives. Leave to marinade at least overnight of possible. Serve in a bowl with a couple of slices of orange to garnish.
For olives with a hot zingy kick...In a bowl mix Spanish olive oil, half a red chili de-seeded and sliced finely, the zest of half a lemon (use a potato peeler for slices) cut into strips and the juice of half a lemon. Simply take drained olives (green or black) and add to them to the chilli/lemon/oil mix. Leave to marinade overnight if possible. Serve in a bowl with a slice of lemon as a garnish.
Out of all these three recipes I must admit I made the herby olives ones as they are my absolute favourite flavours BUT no more, the ones with orange, ginger and warming spices were the very best ever! So this is the recipe I am having as my best ever olive marinade for Christmas.

You can buy olives from Spain in all kinds of forms and in tins and in jars too. I bought some with my shopping this weekend, the large jar of black Fragata olives (820g) in this photo was a bargain at a mere £1.49!  (ask me and I'll tell you where from)

Did you know that...
Olives are a fruit.
Olives have only 5 calories per olive (if you don't add any oil).
Most of the olive oil we consume is Spanish but bottled in other countries.
The colour of olives changes due to when they are picked in the season.

The people who promote olives from Spain kindly sent me a hamper of lovely things to give me some inspiration and to challenge me and some other food bloggers to come up with recipe ideas for marinades. I am putting forward my warming
marinade recipe as my best ever, and I hope I'm lucky enough to have it published on their website.

This post is not sponsored by Olives from Spain who work to promote Spanish cuisine in the UK.

They also have a facebook page with recipes and ideas etc which is well worth a look for more Spanish inspiration.

Feliz Navidad!


  1. They look fantastic,and I just love your plates!

  2. oh WOW. That looks amazing!!!! I'm feeling humbled and thinking I better get my act together and do my marinade before someone else does something similar!

  3. FABULOUS recipes have set the bar high and I haven't even received mine yet! I do have a few marinaded recipes however, but I may need to jazz them up! Karen

  4. What delicious olive marinades. I hope I can come up with some good ideas for this too. Those plates really show off the olives perfectly and I can never resist the olive bowl at a party!


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