Saturday, 5 January 2013

Camembert and cranberry flan - recipe

I'm beginning to think we eat better in the new year than we do over the Christmas holiday in this house...there's more time to think and plan and make things from scratch than when diverted with house guests and the festivities.

I am still trying to make the most of what is left in the fridge and a quiche or flan was always on the cards with the amount of cheese in of today we had in our fridge...some Manchego, Feta, Mature Stilton, Creamy Lancashire, Mature Cheddar, Parmesan, a tub of cream cheese and a round of Camembert. I know the world was suppose to end recently but that cheese stash would put Wallace and Gromit to shame!
As well as all this cheese I had made some homemade (with port and spices) cranberry sauce for Christmas lunch, and as I'm the only one to eat the stuff there was a tub left lurking in the back of the fridge...this was crying out for this recipe.

The flavours of this flan together are fantastic, the runny creamy cheese alongside the spiced and tart cranberry's are a great combination.

This flan is best served warm not hot, as its too runny otherwise and can appear more like flan fondue! (still tastes fab mind you) Here is the recipe...

for the flan pastry base
125g cold cubed butter
250g flour
pinch salt
cold water
for the filling
1 round of Camembert cheese
Cranberry sauce (mine was homemade but part of a jar would do) as long as you have enough to cover the base
50g grated cheddar cheese
4 large free range eggs
500ml milk
sea salt
black pepper
1. Start by pre heating the oven to about 190C fan. Make the shortcrust pastry in the usual fashion, and then line a greased flan dish with the pastry. Cover the pastry base with foil or baking paper and baking beans and then bake blind in the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the paper and beans and return the case to the oven for another 5 minutes to crisp up the bottom.
2. Beat the eggs with the milk in a jug and season with salt and pepper, a pinch of each will do.
3. Smoother the bottom of the cooked flan base with the cranberry sauce.
4. Cut the camembert into slices, I left mine in wedge like pieces, and then laid all these on top of the cranberries.
5. Fill in the gaps between the camembert with the grated cheddar then slowly pour the beaten egg and milk mixture around and over the flan.
6. If you want to go all arty farty at this point, you can add some leaves around the edge. Just use some of the egg mixture to put these in place and egg wash the tops of the leaves.
7. Bake in the oven at 180C fan for about 40 minutes, until the flan is just set.

Allow to cool prior to cutting and serve when 'just warm' with a lovely fresh salad.


  1. Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses and I love cranberries, I need this flan in my life! Sadly OH doesn't eat cheese, may have to make a mini one for myself instead :)

  2. FABULOUS our Susan and with all my favourite ingredients too! Karen PS: Hoping to see a French raspberry pie dish next time! :-)

  3. Yum yum yum! Yes, leftovers are much more fun than the main event. I love the leaves around your posh pie, so pretty.

  4. Yes please! What a great way of using up Christmas leftovers :-)

  5. I'm marking up my calendar to spend new year with you next year. a fridge full of cheese is a sure way to my heart - the other being a cupboard full of chocolate. Your flan sounds so good I'm now feeling starved, even though I've just had lunch. AND it looks so pretty too - love the leaves.

  6. Mmmm cheese heaven! We had a new year cheese glut too.


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