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Pink grapefruit and lemon marmalade - recipe

You can make marmalade in different ways but the two most common are using the whole fruit method (where you boil the fruits whole in water and then slice the cooked fruits, minus pips, and add sugar), like this; or where you extract the juice, shred the skin and put the leftovers (pips and fruit innards) in a muslin cloth and boil with the fruit.

The whole fruit version gives a denser appearance and the method for the recipe below gives more clarity to the finished marmalade. Both can be just as good on flavour however, you are more likely to get an easier set with the whole fruit method (in my view).

The main difference for me is probably the denser texture and set in the whole fruit method.

Whichever method you use your friends and family will be delighted with a lovely shiny jar of your gorgeous homemade marmalade.
This recipe is credited to Vivien Lloyd.
1.5lbs of fruit (I used 1lb pink grapefruit and 1/2lb lemons)
3 pints water
3lb cane sugar
Clean jars and new lids (this batch yielded 3 large La Parfait jam jars and 2 other small ones)
1. Start by juicing the fruit and add this to a large pan with 3 pints of cold water.
2. Take out the inside form the remaining fruit shells and leave this to one side.
3. Slice the fruit rinds to the required thickness, I made mine thicker on this occasion as I wanted a chunkier marmalade and I only used the pink grapefruit skin.
4. Chop or blitz (in a food processor) the fruit innards and pips then put all this in a muslin cloth and tie with string.
5. Add the sliced rinds to the pan of juice and water. Measure the volume of this. The add the muslin bag. Leave this overnight.
6. The next day. Boil with a lid on the pan for about 2 hours (you want the volume of liquid to have reduced by about a third before you add the pre-warmed sugar).
7. Remove the muslin bag and squeeze into the pan. Measure the liquid again.
8. Add warmed sugar (put in an oven 140C for about 15 mins) to the pan and let it dissolve gently, increase the heat and boil until setting point is reached. This can be tested after 5 minutes by using a plate from the freezer, when the mix wrinkles when pushed with a finger is not a bad guide.
9. Warm pre washed and clean jars in the oven in readiness.
10. Once the marmalade is ready allow it to stand for about 10 minutes prior to potting. Remove any scum with a spoon. Ladle into warm jars, remove any remaining scum and top with new clean lids.
11. Don't forget to label your jars.

This grapefruit had a lovely floral taste to the shred and was delicious on toast and on top of a crumpet.

The lovely jars you can see here were kindly sent to me by La Parfait to try, they are ideal for chunky preserves or pickles as well as marmalade as they are wide necked jars. I loved the 'home made' French and English reference on the lids too. If you check out the Spoonhq blog you can win some of these jars and a copy of First Preserves.
If pink grapefruit isn't your thing then Karen over at Lavender and Lovage has a lovely three fruit marmalade recipe and she's writing all about the national marmalade awards too. AND the lovely Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen has a smashing Seville orange marmalade recipe on her blog too.

N.B. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. shiny jars of sunshine... is this very tart? it's making me pucker my lips just thinking about it... bet it's truly glorious though x

    1. Its is but not too bitter and the shred has a lovely fragrant note to it. x

  2. That marmalade is a THING of PURE PINK beauty Sue! I think you are on to a winner there and I LOVE your warm, rustic photos too! Thanks for the mention too, oh marmalade mate of mine! Karen xxx

  3. Just a thought, any of your lovely marmalade recipes would be great entries for Tea Time Treats this month, as the theme is Citrus fruits! xxxx

  4. Sue, I did the chop & boil the fruit method and agree that my set was fine but I do prefer a softer set a la Bonne Maman jams! So, I need to try out Vivien's recipe and see how I get on. Those jars are just gorgeous so I will be visiting Le Parfait myself soon. Love the thought of grapefruit & lemon together too :)x

    1. Thanks Laura, let us know how you get on. This is why I wanted to try this method as I have pretty much got to grips with the other one.

  5. That marmalade looks to be just about perfect Sue. It's beautifully clear and jewel like. I've not come across the whole fruit method before, so that's interesting.

  6. Realmente exquisita me encanta tiene un aspecto perfecto y delicioso,saludos desde el sur de Chile,abrazos y abrazos.


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