Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cream of cauliflower and Garstang blue cheese soup - recipe

I didn't start out planning to write about the soup that I made for a lunch last week, but it was so good and it is so easy and simple to make I just couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Cream of cauliflower soup with cheese added isn't a new recipe but its new to my kitchen as I have never made it before. I had a terrible yearning for it and with two fresh cauliflowers in the fridge and some amazing local creamy Garstang blue cheese to use it was a great excuse.

Garstang is a place in Lancashire, this blue cheese is a local cheese made in the county but sold countrywide; its fundamentally a Creamy Lancashire cheese made with pasturised (Lancashire) cows milk. It has a lovely creamy texture and a mild blue cheese flavour that goes perfectly with this soup.
1 onion finely diced
2 small leeks finely sliced
2 sticks celery finely diced
1 cauliflower blitzed in the food processor
25 g butter
celery sea salt
black pepper
about 750 ml vegetable or chicken stock
2 or 3 tbsp fresh cream
A wedge of Dewlay Garstang Blue cheese
1. If you have a food processor please use it for this recipe as it will help you make this soup in no time at all. Start by putting into the processor the onion, celery and leeks and blitz on pulse until finely chopped.
2. Melt the butter in a pan and add the chopped onion, leeks and celery. Cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes until the vegetables are cooked but not browned.
3. Break up the cauliflower and add this to the processor and blitz until it resembles grains in size. Add the finely chopped cauliflower to the cooked vegetables and mix together Season with the celery sea salt and black pepper then cover with the stock.
4. Cook for about 15 minutes then use a stick blender to blend the soup. Check the seasoning again and add more salt and pepper if needed. Add the cream and swirl this through the soup prior to serving.
5. To serve, take a warm bowl and crumble into the bowl some of the Garstang blue cheese, ladle the soup on top of the cheese. Serve with fresh bread.

I think its preferable to add the Garstang blue cheese to the bowl rather than the soup, this way the cheese melts into the soup and you get lovely pockets of delicious warm melting cheese goodness on your spoon.


  1. This sounds delicious!! and there's a cauli in our fridge crying out for a soup!! don't think I've any garstang blue in, but sure there is some blue cheese in our fridge door!!! going to give it a whirl!!!

  2. Thanks, hope you enjoy it as much as we did, its dead easy to make!

  3. I haven't come across Garstang blue before - it looks delicious and I love the sound of this soup. I'll try and pick some up next week if we can as we are in the North West (Lakes) and give this a go!

    1. Don't think it will disappoint Charlotte as its lovely. Let me know how it goes and enjoy the break too. x


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