Sunday, 10 March 2013

'Dish of the month' March - Nigel Slaters' Chocolate muscavado and banana cake

Its March already! Its only 9 months to Christmas (I know!!) and we are a quarter of the way through cooking our way through Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries II and getting you to join Janice at  Farmersgirl Kitchen and I along the way.

When I read the forward to this recipe by Nigel Slater I was so in line with his thinking I just had to make this recipe. Nigel discusses fresh bananas and how he likes to eat them, he does not like a banana too ripe does the lovely Nigel, and I don't either. So in this household some bananas never make it as they have just gone past their best for eating, at these times they are either binned or made into something that transforms them from a skanky over ripe banana into a lovely piece of heaven. Thats what Nigel's recipe for chocolate, muscavdo and banana cake does. Nigel makes a full size loaf cake with this recipe but I decided to make mini cake loaves with the same recipe and just cooked them at a lower temperature (170C fan)  and for less time (25 mins).

The recipe turned out really well, and the flavour of the cakes was great, and making them like this meant there were lots to giveaway.

If you take part in 'Dish of the Month' for March you have the chance to win a giveaway that has kindly been supplied by OXO entrant will win a 2.8L stainless steel mixing bowl and medium silicone spatula. The winner will be chosen by random number generator when the Linky closes on 28th March 2013. This draw is open to UK residents only but you can join in with 'Dish of the Month' wherever you live.

If you want to join Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen and myself baking our way through Kitchen Diaires II in 2013 we would love to have you join us.

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  1. Nothing better to do with an overripe banana than make it into a banana cake. Lovely entry for Dish of the Month.

  2. i do adore this cake, it's spectacular and the sugar makes it so dark and rich... yours look so pretty too!

  3. I was eyeing up this recipe. I love your little loaf cases!

    1. Thanks, cakes taste great, bought them at cake international, though they were ideal to give to folks (rather than a slice of).

  4. These little cakes look so cute - what a flash of inspiration to split the mixture up into minis. I love the idea of the "Dish of the Month" - I must go dig out some of his recipes. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today. Vohn []

    1. Thanks, I gave most of these away, easy to do when they are in individual portions like this. x

  5. I remember making this cake a long while back but the taste and flavour has stayed with me as though I baked it yesterday!

    1. Thats very true and I know what you mean, its a lovely recipe. Dead easy too.

  6. I love the mini loaf idea - that way you can freeze some for later! Your photo of the recipe is the first time I've seen a Slater recipe in print - I have to say I'm put off by the measurement being put after the ingredient, but I'm sure one gets used to it quickly? I agree with Janice - the best thing to do with an overripe banana is banana bread and this recipe sounds delicious!

  7. Hi Susan
    It's been a while but its great to finally come back to your home page and be welcomed by the familiar huge wedge of cake and I realised I'd missed it. Hope you are well. Love the flags on the cake they are very cool!


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