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'Dish of the month' June - Nigel Slaters Chicken and apricots

You might be reading this after eating a salad or enjoying a barbecue...lovely stuff...but a few days ago it was cold and one of those evenings where something warm and spicy and comforting was needed to keep the cockles warm. Nigel Slater does great recipes of this nature and last month I made a spicy lentil dish that was fabulous for all the same reasons.

When I was reading the June chapter of Kitchen Diaries II earlier this week I kept thinking I was reading about July, or August as the recipes in the chapter just did not reflect the current weather, all that writing about cherries and soft fruits just didn't seem to ring true. This just shows what poor weather we have had this year...however we are having some sunshine this weekend so I'm not complaining.

This dish is based around a sauce, which is an aromatic spicy mix of fresh chilli's, lemongrass, garlic, tomatoes, limes, fish sauce, soy sauce, coconut milk and CORIANDER. You will see that mine hasn't one flake of the horrid green stuff (coriander) anywhere near it because I detest coriander with a passion. To me it tastes like washing up liquid...for years I ate indian food and thought they hadn't rinsed the dishes well enough and had left soap suds on the pans and dishes and that was were the taste came from, until I realised what it was. And...I am not alone there are lots of other folks that cannot bear the stuff either, and its all down to genetics if you have the coriander tastes like soap gene you are stuck with it. Thanks to Alicia over at FoodyCat who explained this to me on Twitter last week.

Anyway coriander dislike aside, leaving it out of this recipe didn't do it one bit of harm, in my view. The sauce makes a lovely comforting, spicy, tasty, blanket to wrap the chicken and the apricots in (I used dried apricots as I had them to hand, and when they plumped up during cooking in the juices they were heavenly).

You can eat this with rice or couscous or fresh bread dunked in the sauce...its delicious!

Last month was another quiet month in the challenge but we still had some delightful entries, you can refresh your memory over at Janice's blog here, or you can see a pictorial version of where we are since we started in January on Pinterest here, and there have been some brilliant interpretations of Nigel's recipes since we began.

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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous - a bit of a stunner! (And dare I say it, better than the original!)

    BTW, like you I am one of those that can detect the saponics (soapy flavours) in coriander, but . . . I taught myself to like it. Honest! I felt I was missing out. I dare you to give it a go. All you have to do is to try very small amounts, say sprinkled on a salsa, over a period of months and then hey presto, you stop tasting the soap and start tasting fresh, green citrus flavours. Promise!

  2. Interesting about the coriander - my husband is allergic to it and feels faint or even passes out completely if he eats it - I wonder if that's connected to the same gene? For years, he blamed the hygiene in Indian restaurants!

    Coriander aside, this looks like a gorgeous dish. I love chicken and apricots together

  3. wow, really looks gorgeous... my perfect dish... I was lying in bed the other day thumbing my copies of KDI and KDII and I think i've got my recipe sorted for this month, can't wait!

  4. Haha - glad I could help! When I was growing up apricot chicken (made with a can of apricot nectar and a sachet of onion soup powder) was a really regular dish at my friends' houses. This one looks immeasurably nicer!

  5. This is my type of food and I will have to make this, what would we do without the humble dried apricot, I love them - another great Nigel Slater recipe.

  6. A FABULOUS dish and I used to HATE fresh coriander, but like Rachel, I taught myself to like it and I truly do enjoy it now! I will try to enter this month, things have been a bit hectic lately, but I DO love a drop of Nigel in the kitchen and have several of his books! Karen

  7. Bother I have done it again - put my blog name instead of the title of the recipe! Actually it's a case of great minds think alike as I have cooked the same dish as Maggie of Kitchen Delights - the smoked haddock, potato and bacon. Which just proves what a lovely dish it is!

  8. This looks divine Sue. I know what you mean about the seasons being out of kilter - I have hardly been able to get hold of much summer produce so far this year. I must try this - I have the book at home.

  9. Mmm love the sweetness of the apricots with the chicken, very Moroccan:-) Plus Nigel can do no wrong ever!


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