Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dish of the month - June round up

June...its been a funny old month...its had its highs and its had some lows...but its gone so darn quick! I am at risk of repeating myself in these round ups I know but sheeesh time really does. Am I the only one who feels like this? Its 6 months to Christmas!!!!

Janice of Farmersgirl Kitchen has left me in charge of the round up this here's the fabulous June round up...this was a month of smoked fish dishes and tarts with not a cake, biscuit or pudding or sweet dish in sight!

You can tell by the recipes everyone tries this month how varied the weather was...we had some good sunny and hot days encouraging some more summery dishes from our kitchens. It wasn't always the case though and certainly not when I made this warming and comforting chicken dish. Whatever happened to what was often called 'flaming June'?

I started the ball rolling for June with my version of Nigel's chicken and apricots (minus the coriander as I cannot stand it). Taken from Kitchen Diaries II, mine didn't look exactly as creamy as Nigel's version in the book and I can't work out why...unless it was the tin of organic coconut milk I used that did it? However it looked, it was a lovely, tasty, scrummy recipe and we really enjoyed it. I would recommend you try it if you have the book.
This seasonal asparagus and roquefort tart from  Foodie Quine looks like a belter with new potatoes. The recipe comes from The Observer and uses cracked black pepper in the pastry for the tart base. A stroke of genius and I'm wondering why I never though of that myself?
Maggie at Kitchen Delights made smoked haddock with potato and bacon. I love smoked haddock its one of my favourite ingredients for a meal ever. This recipe looks amazing...the fish, the sauce, the crispy bacon...pass me a fork! The recipe is available on The Guardian website. Maggie refers to it as 'posh fish and chips' wouldn't turn your nose up at this would you?

My co host. Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen baked a salmon and nettle tart this month. Now without a doubt this looks to be a very tasty dish, but I just cannot get past the picking of the nettles. Not one for any shape or form and not even for a lone blackberry (its the thought of the magots!). Janice confidently used the nettles instead of spinach and she used wild garlic butter to cook the fish and also bulked out the tart with some haddock fillets. A tart with a might say!

We had a double up this month as Rachel made the smoked haddock bacon and potato dish as well as Maggie...Rachel was with me on the cold the weather front and was looking for some warm comforting food to  keep the chilly JUNE weather at bay! You can read all about it on Marmaduke Scarlets blog. She takes a lovely photo does Rachel.

Last of all...and its another fish Karen Burns Booth from Lavender and Lovage she made a smoked salmon and cucumber spread (or dip). Another recipe form the Guardian website. I loved Karen's account of her picnic in France under a weeping willow with friends that went along with the recipes for the picnic...just what June should be like!

Thats all for now folks! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who entered this month...we had 6 entries and it was the 6th can see ALL the entries for this challenge since we started in January 2013 on our Dish of the Month Pinterest board. Well worth a look if you like Nigel Slaters recipes as there is much inspiration there.

Keep watching for the July event thats about to be launched in the next few days. 

I'm off for a glass of wine, and to watch the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury on TV from the comfort of my armchair!


  1. fab round-up.. can't believe I ran out of time AGAIN... and I had a recipe all prepped too... I do love Nigel!

  2. A LOVELY round up Sue and isn't it bizarre how we all went all savoury and fishy? Love all the recipes, but, I have to say that Janice's Nettles look to be in fine form, and I do love a good forage! Also love your recipe as I am a big fan of chicken and apricots as a pairing. Karen

  3. Great round up - such a coincidence two of us made the same dish. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Ooh I'm drooling now, all these dishes are fantstic. I will definitely being entering July's event and have just eaten some of my post for lunch! A great round-up Sue:-)

  5. A lovely round up and some beautiful recipes again. Thank you so much for your lovely comments; it made my day!


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