Friday, 28 June 2013

So many other stories to tell...

In case anyone is wondering I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but life outside of the ether is very busy for me at times for a number of reasons, and I have also been away on holiday in June. This picture was taken when we were away in Turkey, it says so much in so many ways and I really like it and what it represents. It tells so many other stories, just like our everyday lives I suppose. I saw the opportunity and my husband had his camera ready, and on this occasion followed an instruction to the letter!

The break in Turkey has given me a lot of time to think and reflect on recent events and the future, I have also been thinking about this blog and other blogs I enjoy reading (with a passion) and thinking about what it is I like and I don't like about various aspects of different blogs.
The old meets the new overlooking Fetihye.
I have been turning down quite a lot of opportunities to promote things on my blog or get involved in other things (if anyone else sends me an alleged 'opportunity' to get involved in another so called 'competition' I may scream...just be honest and say 'will you do all the hard work to promote our products for free', because thats really all it is in my eyes). I set out wanting this blog to be about baking/food/cooking/food related books etc and less about 'me', but I do like reading other blogs that give more away about a person's life and other interests. I loved what Karen did recently about a picnic she had with friends and Jac's travels to Cyprus to see some of her family...great stuff.

So going forward I am going to write more about other things I am doing as well as the food related things. Some of my other hobbies in fact...
Crochet - its back on trend.
I hope those people that read this enjoy this small are some more pictures from our recent holiday...there will be more soon...and a few cakes coming up in between of course.

Outward facing goat.
Cherry season nothing better than eating them from the trees.


  1. Good idea :) I think it's nice to include stories and snippets of life in blog posts and not just focus on the food, if you know what I mean. I try to do that too, popping in a little adventure here and there, or craft project. Fantastic photos in this post too! I can see why you asked your husband to snap the first one!

  2. Little pieces of life are lovely - look forward to hearing them. I think I need to think about what I want from my blog too. Hope your holiday was relaxing.


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