Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'Dish of the month' July - Nigel Slaters Pistachio and Lemon Cookies

When it came to making this months recipe from Kitchen Diaries II it was an easy choice...I have had my eye on this recipe since I got the book..its headed 'Just one more...' and it is sort of hidden away inside the sleeve of the book...on one side is a very fetching picture of the lovely Nigel Slater and behind is this recipe for Pistachio and Lemon cookies...

These cookies (made of eggs whites, sugar, ground pistachios and almonds with added lemon zest) are very easy to make, they take minutes to put together and about 13 minutes to bake...reminded me of a macaron in texture and flavour but so so good.

Last month was another quiet month in the challenge but we still had six very delightful entries, you can refresh your memory here, or you can see a pictorial version of where we are since we started in January on Pinterest here, and there have been some brilliant interpretations of Nigel's recipes since we began.

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  1. what a lovely combo... I adore lemon on cookies it makes them so light and fresh and always smells amazing when baking... gorgeous piccies too... really want these now please x

  2. I have also had my eye on this recipe since I treated myself to the book as a Christmas present!
    Now I feel compelled to make them, especially as yours look wonderful!

  3. They look great - I can think of a few people in my life who would love these!

  4. They look fantastic - just like the ones in the Middle Eastern bakery around the corner from me. Heavenly!

  5. Lemon and Pistachio sounds like a great, summery combo. I wonder, could you do a hazelnut and orange version in winter?

    1. Quite fancied trying rose and pistachio :-)

  6. Oh wow Sue, those look like they could very well be my favourite biscuits. I adore macaroons and pistachio ones have surely got to be the best. Really like the green tint that comes through too, very attractive.

  7. This sounds like a good flavour combination. yum!

  8. These look fab, a bit like the old kind of macaroons that we cooked on rice paper and had an almond on top rather than the modern coloured ones paired together! Yours look so delicious.


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