Tuesday, 13 August 2013

'Dish of the month' August - Nigel Slaters Lemon and thyme cake

Way behind with my entry this month...might be too much crocheting...might be too much sun worshipping...but whatever...but here I am at long last!

I decided to make a lemon and thyme cake from Kitchen Diaries II, the recipe is a mix of butter, eggs, flour, sugar, ground almonds and fresh lemons (mine were organic unwaxed lemons - small but full of flavour) and fresh thyme leaves.  The cake is dead easy to make and once its baked you give it an extra lemony hit with a syrup made of lemon juice and sugar. Whats not to love? It cuts beautifully and keeps really well in a tin, and I felt it tasted even better after a few days and the taste of the thyme is suitable, lovely and different but in a good way.

We enjoyed our cake with tea on the garden one afternoon, such has been the gorgeousness of the weather here this summer (thank you - whoever you are!). And at last the seasons have somehow caught up with the recipes in this fabulous book, Kitchen Diaries II.

If you are entering the challenge this month just refresh yourself of the rules and pop over to Janice's blog as she is giving away one of Nigel Slaters other books 'Real fast food' as by of a thank you/gift for taking part...get entering - good luck, and keep enjoying the warmer weather while its here along with Nigel's recipes of course!

Last month was another quiet month in the challenge but we still had six very delightful entries, you can refresh your memory here, or you can see a pictorial version of where we are since we started in January on Pinterest here, and there have been some brilliant interpretations of Nigel's recipes since we began.

If you'd like to join us in 'Dish of the Month' you'd be very welcome, this is how to get involved...
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  1. You cake looks lovely and so does your crochet! Would you believe I don't own a single Nigel Slater cookbook? None have ever showed up in my local charity shop and my budget doesn't stretch enough to allow my to buy brand new cookery books. I'm half tempted to bake something to enter your competition, but I'm supposed to be studying!!

  2. I remember seeing him bake this cake on TV and feeling compelled to make it. But I never did. Yours looks fabulous and I feel compelled all over again.
    However, I did wonder if it would work with basil instead of thyme.

    1. Not sure about the basil Jena as have never tried but this one was a winner...moist, tangy and fragrant too. x

  3. lemon and thyme cake, that's so Nigel and so ME... what a glorious combo... I may try this with my beloved Lemon Thyme... gloriously sunny cake for the summer!

  4. I think thyme is actually my favourite herb - it's like a little black dress of the herb world, it goes with everything! This looks heavenly :)

  5. I love the way he says " I just can't sleep if there's no cake in the house " !


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