Wednesday, 9 October 2013

'Dish of the month October' - Nigel Slaters autumn pear and chocolate crumble

Of all the months in Kitchen Diaries II I have read, so far October is my favourite, there are so many enticing recipes in this month's chapter it was really hard to choose just one to try; and I will definitely be back to that month for more cooking and recipe inspiration.

I love October its a time when the season starts to change, there is a nip in the air and you can smell the change. October for me is all about puddings and chutneys and preserves. It also marks my birthday...and while I am  not trying to dwell on my age...I got a very kind birthday message from Nigel himself via kind is that?

Anyway, less of the swooning over Nigel Slater and back to the the the end I opted to bake a crumble and its a pear and chocolate crumble...its an easy recipe to do...the pears are peeled and sliced and cooked in melted butter and sugar until they start to brown...once this happens they are added to a dish and you make the crumble with butter, flour, sugar and rolled oats. A twist comes by adding some water to the crumble, this gives more of a varied texture to the finished dish and adds lumps and bumps here and there...and finally the addition of chunks of good quality dark chocolate to the crumble mix adds more richness. Topping the cooked pears with the crumble and baking in the oven until you achieve a golden crust and you have heaven in a bowl, this tastes so good, its one of the best crumbles I have ever tasted, the pears just melt in your mouth and the crumble and chocolate together are soooo scrummy. Its easy to make and an ideal autumn pudding, with a drizzle of fresh cream it really was amazing.

As we had been blackberry picking at the weekend, on Monday night we had a bit of a crumble challenge going on at home, my blackberry and apple versus Nigel's pear and chocolate...there was no contest really...

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  1. Ooh I don't know Sue, your blackberry and apple looks pretty lush. Having said that, I highly approve of adding chocolate to a crumble ;-)

  2. I'm not a massive chocolate fan but I've always wanted to melt marshmallow over a crumble. Nothing says autumn more that sticky melted marshmallow. I'm considering perhaps making a heavily spiced pumpkin crumble with big sticky lumps of marshmallow melted amongst the crumble.

  3. Both look lovely. I'd happily eat, either but I do like the idea of the texture of Nigel's. It looks a bit like an American recipe I saw which called it a "buckle" rather than a crumble.


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