Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dish of the month - November round up

Dish of the month ends in December, by then Janice and I will have cooked our way though Kitchen Diaries II by Nigel Slater...its been a journey that's taken us a year and through a myriad of recipes from both Kitchen Diaries II and other sources. But the golden rule has been it must be a Nigel Slater recipe and you must blog about it.

November saw a good few entries from some lovely people who love to create Nigel Slaters recipes at home and enjoy the inspiration he shares with us through his books and articles online. This round up features a few recipes from 'Eat', which seems to be quite popular, along with several one pot or dish meals, which I just love...after  hard day at work you can't beat a one pot meal...so easy and so tasty...and not as much clearing up!

Janice and I would like to thank everyone for joining us in November...here is the round up...don't forget to join in the last month of this challenge by 28th December 2013, where we will pick our favourite...

Until then, grab a cuppa and have a mincer ready and read on for Novembers goodies...and don't forget our Pinterest page that has every recipe made this year so far.

Galina from Chez Maximka was first off the blocks in November with a recipe for roast quinces with vanilla syrup. I am ashamed to admit that I have never cooked with quinces, but if anything could tempt me to try them this would. Galina was given a box by a neighbour and then given more by a friend, she was in quince heaven there for a while!

Next came Claire from Foodie Quine with smoked haddock and lentils dish, this tasty recipe came from 'Eat' (Nigel Slaters latest book), which Claire had received for her *coughs* 21st birthday this year (she's 41 really is Claire but she hides her light under a bushel) and Claire, if you are reading this you don't look a day over 32. Here is the lovely dish in all its glory...whats not to love, whatever your age?

Another Claire and another smoked haddock dish next, from Clairey Fairy's cooking. This recipe from Kitchen Diairies II involves butter beans, cream, mustard and smoked haddock, its baked in the oven and looks divine. I love butter beans, we always had them when I was growing up and its something that is much underrated in the foodie world IMHO. Thanks to Claire for a reminder of how much I love them.

Jane form Onions and Paper gave us another recipe from 'Eat' and a critique of what she thought of Eat as a recipe book, worth a read if you are considering buying this book. This dish Jane made for us was pinto beans, chorizio and tortilla...it looks very tasty Jane...

Charlene made a soup of bacon and celeriac from Kitchen Diaries II in a bit of a deviation from her usual recipe...follow Charlene at No love sincerer if you want to know more...AND...how to make a soup that matches your kitchen worktops...not an easy task but Charlene pulled it off.

We are moving into pudding zone now, and this would be a really great recipe to keep in your repertoire for Christmas as a way of using up leftover panetonne. Stuart from Cakeyboi has taken from Kitchen Diaries II this (Dundee) marmalade and panetonne pudding recipe. Its only missing a vat of custard, don't they have a wee drop of custard with puddings in Scotland Stuart? *tuts*

Next we have a bit of a roasted recipe from Deon at Foodjam. Roasted squash, chorizio and spices baked in the oven for added flavour with double fried egg on the side, its only missing some gorgeous bread for dipping and away you go...finished indeed! This recipe for spicy squash with eggs is from 'Eat' again...

Linzi from Lancashire Food made a really lovely looking baked chicken with tomatoes and olives dish from Kitchen Diaries II (from the August chapter). The original recipe is made with green tomatoes, but Linzi improvised with red ones. This is the type of recipe I think Nigel does best; simple, easy, achievable and tasty and Linzi really has done it justice I am sure you will agree.

From Jo's Kitchen,  Jo made a one pan Sunday dinner...this is another recipe from 'Eat' with a few tweeks form Jo and a little advice from Nigel himself on Twitter. Looking at the finished dish it seems that Jo's efforts were worthy of the praise bestowed by Nigel himself...well done Nigel and Jo, a team effort that paid off.

Last is myself and Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen, who this month and for the first time ever, happened to create the exact same dishes and recipes...from Kitchen Diairies II we have slow cooked or baked sausages...I'll leave it up to you to decide who did the recipe the most justice...*ahem*

I thank you... ;-)


  1. Great round up Sue, I think you win, your sauce looks much nicer than mine!

    1. Thanks Janice it was the mash that tipped it over the edge :-)


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