All about me

Welcome to my blog...A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate

This blog was started on 01/02/2011 because I love to bake and cook and try new things.
There is nothing that tastes like homemade cake...its 'a little bit of heaven on a plate' in my eyes...and that's why I named my blog so.

After making a guest blogging appearance when testing 100mph Rhubarb & Cardamon Batter Cake for Vanessa Kimbell, that gave me the nudge to start my own blog.

I live close to the west Pennine moors in Lancashire, with my husband, adopted golden retriever and adopted BHWT ex battery hens (adopted for moral and baking purposes; and so our grandchildren can know and love the joy of choosing a freshly laid egg for breakfast!).  Our hens may feature in the recipes I try (as egg providers and to pose for photographs, when the mood takes them!) and on these pages.

My real passion is baking cakes for family, friends and colleagues, if time allowed I would shop (for food) and bake everyday. My favourite cookery writer/s at the moment are actually other food bloggers rather than any one writer, there's so much new inspiration out there to choose from.

I work full time, this blog is a hobby and something I like to do in my spare time it's not something I do to make money from.
 My review policy is set out on my contacts page.

The views in this blog are my own, the photographs are also mine, unless I say otherwise, the recipes might be someone else's creations (as I am not that clever!) but reference and links to others work will always be included and acknowledged in my posts.

I hope you enjoy the blog and get something out of it, I hope those that inspire me to bake and cook also might inspire you?

Many thanks for dropping by to look at these pages. 
Please leave a comment or two.

Susan x

Some local views
White Coppice and ford.
Bluebell wood Duxbury park
Leeds/Liverpool canal, local stretch